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  1. I would **really** love this feature and wonder if its under consideration? I notifications and I Cachly
  2. RubyShoos

    Ability to reorder Highlight Colours

    I would still love this feature and wonder if its under consideration? I highlights and I Cachly
  3. RubyShoos

    Double log detector

    Is there any chance that Cachly could implement a double log detector? I sometimes (inadvertently) add two 'Found It' logs to the same cache. I know this will show up in my Drafts queue, but when I am comparing find tallies with friends I am out with, we spend time scanning through the list of found caches to see who's forgotten to log one, or who has double logged (it's usually me doing the latter). Is it straightforward to implement a message saying ' You have already logged this cache, do you want to create another log?'. In some instances you may want to have more than one log, e.g. a DNF log and a Needs Maintenance log. Anyway, just a thought. Thank you :-)
  4. RubyShoos

    Sort by 'Most recent log = DNF'

    I've been thinking about this a bit more, and sometimes caches in poor health may have a 'Needs Maintenance' or even a 'Needs Archiving' log after a spate of DNFs, so maybe the filter could use logic that discounted 'healthy' activity, e.g. Last log is ≠ found it ≠ owner maintenance ≠ coordinate update ≠ write note
  5. RubyShoos

    Sort by 'Most recent log = DNF'

    In live searches or offline lists, it would be useful in the 'List' mode (i.e. on the Map/List toggle) if you could sort by the criteria 'Most recent log(s) = DNF'. This would allow you to do a quick health check on a series or area. I realise you can scroll down and easily scan for this information, but being able to sort by it would be helpful. I tried to do this on an offline list by using filters {Log Type = Didn't Find It} but this identifies all caches with DNF logs on them, irrespective of how recent they were. Happy New Year
  6. No problems - the post I found (above) helped to make this more efficient. I'll just tap through them in batches. Thanks.
  7. The caches provide a visible 'Final' waypoint which I want to use to create corrected coordinates. Here is an example (uncorrected): https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC7Z4W8_dookola-rozy-wiatrow-explorer-challenge-98 Hope that makes sense :-)
  8. I would like to be able to re-order the highlight colours that I use in settings, so my most frequently used ones are near the top of the list. I choose the colours strategically so that they show up against the cache types they are most likely to be used on, which means that I need to scroll down to some of my more regularly used ones. It would also allow me to group highlights which belong together e.g. Qualified not found / unqualified challenges OR Linear AdLab / AdLab Bonus If I was able to re-order these in the same way I can in 'Lists' (using 'Sort') it would be great. I think I've said it before, but I love highlights! Thank you for making them so great and functional. This would just provide the proverbial cherry on top. Thank you
  9. I've just found this thread Which makes it more efficient, but still interested to know if there is a bulk method. Thanks
  10. Is there a way to bulk set the 'Final' waypoint to the corrected coordinates, for example on 'Visible caches' or 'Filtered caches'? I've come across a challenge series which is set as geo art and want to bulk convert them. At the moment, my workflow is Select cache from map > Waypoints > ... > Copy Coordinates > back to listing > Corrected Coordinates (Add) > [highlight] [paste] > Save I can do this slightly more efficiently on the Groundspeak website, but wondered whether there was a quicker easier way to do it in Cachly? Thank you
  11. RubyShoos

    Time, signal and battery display disappear

    Thanks for letting me know - I'd searched for it on the Cachly forums, but not on the wider www. Not a biggie, it's easy to fix. Hopefully Apple will make it a priority at some point.
  12. Hi again Since upgrading to an iPhone 12, I have had an issue with Cachly which I never experienced with my iPhone 7. The time and GPSr signal display on the top left of the screen, and the signal strength, data signal and battery indicator on the top right of the screen disappear after using Cachly for a while (usually >1 hour). It can easily be fixed by force closing the app and restarting, but I wondered if anyone experiences this and if there is a fix. I am using Cachly v 7.0.5 (1) The iOS was 14.5, but I updated to 15.1 and it is still happening. I think it was happening on previous iOS too, but only since I changed to an iPhone 12 My phone is an iPhone 12 I am a Premium member of geocaching.com I have uploaded screen shots of when the time and - most importantly - battery status are visible, and another when they disappear. Thank you
  13. RubyShoos

    Is Cachly stable on iOS 15

    I thought it probably was stable, but just wanted to make sure my world wasn't broken with the update! Thanks
  14. RubyShoos

    Is Cachly stable on iOS 15

    Was going to update, but just wanted to check that Cachly works smoothly on iOS 15 - has anyone tested it? Thanks
  15. Hi I'm not sure if this is technically possible, but I wondered if it would be possible to have an option to show the hint in the proximity alert banner notification. I have recently discovered the joys of proximity alerts, which I have never liked due to the sound. But with the sound off, I can turn off the screen (thus saving battery) and be alerted by a little vibration as I near GZ. Trouble is, when I get a notification, my work flow goes something like this: unlock phone > go out of navigate mode into the cache page > open hint > read hint > come out of hint > go to navigation mode > find the cache. Sometimes I add a stage after finding a cache which goes a little like this: select next cache > check hint > navigate to next cache > forget hint, then go through the above steps. If I could select to show the hint in the proximity alert notification banner, I could have a totally smooth ride to the cache, which went something like this: read hint in notification > unlock phone > go straight to the cache As I say, I'm not sure if it is possible to pull this information into the notification, but if it was, it would be great! Thank you every day for the fantastic features Cachly offers.