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  1. RubyShoos

    Record of Pending Logs which have been uploaded

    Thank you. And yes the GSAK tip helps, now all I need to do is get my logging queue down to a sensible state! And just so you know, Cachly is fantastic!
  2. I was wondering if it was possible to leave a legacy list of Pending Logs which have been uploaded in Cachly until these are cleared manually by the user? I know once they are uploaded they are available in my Field Notes on Geocaching.com, but sometimes I want to reference them from within Cachly. I always have a long logging queue and would like to be able view logs I have uploaded as Drafts until I actually log the caches online. Hope this makes sense! Also - can you upload drafts to GSAK? Thank you.
  3. RubyShoos

    Named color markers/Tags

    Yet again, I'm delighted! Love the editable highlight labels. Thank you!
  4. RubyShoos

    Recovering draft logs that have been submitted

    Weirdly, after a page refresh, the logs showed back up in Drafts. Definitely a Groundspeak issue!
  5. RubyShoos

    Recovering draft logs that have been submitted

    Thank you! Got the one I was after (and another find that doesn't appear in Drafts that I'd forgotten about). Definitely not submitted as regular logs (I have Drafts set as default and there are no 'Found It' logs from me on the caches in question). But the one I wanted appeared in the .txt file with the following at the start: GC7GB04,2018-11-09T14:09Z,Found it, "..." Which implies it was sent through. The only explanation which makes any sense is that I have inadvertently deleted it from my Drafts list, which although implausible, is possible (there's only 537 in the queue at the moment so I might not notice if one or two went astray). Anyway, the notes I wanted were in the .txt file, so thank you for the help.
  6. Is there any way to recover draft logs that I have submitted? Somehow a few of these have gone missing - they are marked as found, but not logged (i.e. with a tick) in Cachly, but do not appear in my Drafts list on the Groundspeak website. Any way to view what has been submitted? Thank you!
  7. RubyShoos

    Named color markers/Tags

    I am so pleased with the coloured highlights in the new update. You would not believe quite how much . It was a feature I requested in GeoSphere many years ago and it was knocked back straight away. I requested in Cachly a couple of years ago and it is one of those things that is a game changer in terms of trip planning. I logged on today to request the exact same feature that DrDaffy has asked for - I already have colours assigned for caches of various categories of interest and would like customisable labels to reflect these. I was so pleased with multi-coloured highlights and the ability to combine lists that it prompted me to leave a 5 star review on the app store and send the developer a hefty tip. Thank you for being so responsive to us end users and it's great news that there are plans afoot for this feature. Thank you
  8. RubyShoos

    Different colour highlights

    I was one of the people who requested it!
  9. RubyShoos

    Different colour highlights

    Thank you for the work around suggestions rragan. I will use the cache note on some of the big PQs I am working with for my next trip. But I'd still like the highlights for 'at a glance reference' for my caches along a route PQs when I'm doing a roadtrip without a copilot.
  10. RubyShoos

    Filtering how to

    I'd love a 'Highlight visible' feature!
  11. RubyShoos

    Different colour highlights

    When planning a big trip, I would like to be able to highlight using different colours, for example, blue for oldies, pink for D/T combos, yellow for high favourite points, red for qualified challenges, etc. I'd be happy for them all to show up in the same filter {Highlighted: Yes} as the colour would quickly enable me to establish why I had highlighted them. In geosphere I used to create different groups for different priority caches (as per the highlight examples above) and then combine them (or not) when I was in the field. Different colour highlights would enable me to create one group with all the caches within it and be able to pick out my priorities along the way, without missing any opportunistic non-priority finds along the way. It would really help me with planning big trips with lots of competing caches!