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  1. RubyShoos

    Friends have disappeared

    Hi I wondered if you had heard anything back about this? Thanks again for your support
  2. RubyShoos

    Friends have disappeared

    Thank you so much for your support with this. I’m starting to think it’s a problem on the groundspeak end, but really appreciate your help to resolve it.
  3. RubyShoos

    Friends have disappeared

    Just now…
  4. RubyShoos

    Friends have disappeared

    Just accepted your kind invitation. Pulled down on the Friends page in Cachly to refresh, and you did not appear, logged out and in again, you did not appear. Maybe a lag? But Friends on Cachly is still empty :-(
  5. RubyShoos

    Friends have disappeared

    Believe me, this is the first thing I tried (switch it off and on again). Just tried again - no cigar, but I will try your other option - thank you for the support
  6. RubyShoos

    Friends have disappeared

    Thank you, Team DEMP. I have checked with a Friend, and they have looked at their settings. The only place there is anything about friends is under >Settings >Privacy >User Privacy My GC Friend has the checkbox below ticked, but I cannot see him as a friend on Cachly Under Authorisations, there is no option to share data with friends (As shown in my first post). I would really like to resolve this :-(
  7. RubyShoos

    Friends have disappeared

    Here’s additional info: Cachly version 7.1.1 (1) Device iPhone 12 Pro Membership type Premium iOS 16.6 screenshots: what I see in Friends page on Cachly A part of my Friends page on Geocaching.com (not all previously appeared on Cachly)
  8. RubyShoos

    Friends have disappeared

    Previously, in '...More' I could see my friends. I added a new friend but could not see them (I now realise this is probably they had not authorised things their end). Anyway, I went to 'Manage Authorisations' and although Cachly is still authorised, it has wiped all my friends off the list. I have looked at previous questions about this on the forum and it seems that the ' Authorized Developer Authorizations ' has changed slightly - see screenshots. I have tried signing out of Cachly and signing back in ('try switching it off and on again') Is there a known fix for this? Any help gratefully received What is shown in previous questions asked on this subject What is shown when I look at the 'Manage Authorisations' page:
  9. Hiya Are contours and hillshades available for the Malaysia Singapore Brunei premium maps pack? Thank you, RubyShoos
  10. I would **really** love this feature and wonder if its under consideration? I notifications and I Cachly
  11. RubyShoos

    Ability to reorder Highlight Colours

    I would still love this feature and wonder if its under consideration? I highlights and I Cachly
  12. RubyShoos

    Double log detector

    Is there any chance that Cachly could implement a double log detector? I sometimes (inadvertently) add two 'Found It' logs to the same cache. I know this will show up in my Drafts queue, but when I am comparing find tallies with friends I am out with, we spend time scanning through the list of found caches to see who's forgotten to log one, or who has double logged (it's usually me doing the latter). Is it straightforward to implement a message saying ' You have already logged this cache, do you want to create another log?'. In some instances you may want to have more than one log, e.g. a DNF log and a Needs Maintenance log. Anyway, just a thought. Thank you :-)
  13. RubyShoos

    Sort by 'Most recent log = DNF'

    I've been thinking about this a bit more, and sometimes caches in poor health may have a 'Needs Maintenance' or even a 'Needs Archiving' log after a spate of DNFs, so maybe the filter could use logic that discounted 'healthy' activity, e.g. Last log is ≠ found it ≠ owner maintenance ≠ coordinate update ≠ write note
  14. RubyShoos

    Sort by 'Most recent log = DNF'

    In live searches or offline lists, it would be useful in the 'List' mode (i.e. on the Map/List toggle) if you could sort by the criteria 'Most recent log(s) = DNF'. This would allow you to do a quick health check on a series or area. I realise you can scroll down and easily scan for this information, but being able to sort by it would be helpful. I tried to do this on an offline list by using filters {Log Type = Didn't Find It} but this identifies all caches with DNF logs on them, irrespective of how recent they were. Happy New Year
  15. No problems - the post I found (above) helped to make this more efficient. I'll just tap through them in batches. Thanks.