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  1. Beardman75

    Rendering line breaks

    This is a small bug bear for me but, in the text view, the description seems to have extra line breaks and if I have to copy some multi questions to my notes, there are usually 3 line breaks between each line which I have to delete to make it readable. I suspect that, in addition to actual line breaks in the web view, the text view is also converting <p> tags into 2 line breaks each, resulting in the 3 line breaks I see. Is it possible to render this without so many line breaks. Again, this is not a big problem as I can copy from the web view instead of the text view, just a small bug bear.
  2. Beardman75

    Comic Sans

    That is awesome. Thanks so much
  3. Beardman75

    Comic Sans

    I guess the issue is with Cursive, rather than Comic Sans. That cache doesn't list cursive as a fallback so does what Nic said above
  4. Beardman75

    Comic Sans

    Not sure how I missed the replies on this. This is still a big issue for me. A lot of COs seem to like Comic Sans MS with cursive as a fallback for some reason. Comic Sans MS doesn't exist in iOS and the cursive is completely unreadable in Cachly for me. It appears the same in Text and Web view. I generally have to try to read the code or copy and paste the entire description into my notes so I can read it. An example of this is GCA6ERD. I would love a solution or workaround for this
  5. Beardman75

    Comic Sans

    Is there a way to display Comic Sans in cache descriptions? Whenever I open a cache description that uses Comic Sans, it displays in Cursive instead. I find it really hard to read this and so I have to copy and past the entire description into my personal notes just so I can read it
  6. Beardman75

    Error viewing profiles

    since this morning, I get an error when I try to view user profiles in the app (mine and anyone else's): Error optedInFriendSharing is not a supported property Parameter name: currentProperty
  7. Beardman75

    Highlight colour not on cache icon in offline list

    That appears to have fixed it. Thank you
  8. When I search for caches, some of them are highlighted in the map view (I have highlighted them previously). I add all caches to an offline list and view the list. No caches are highlighted in the map view in the offline list. If I open a cache that is highlighted, the highlight colour is shown
  9. Beardman75

    Reverse Wherigo Solver?

    I love this idea. There is a series of 1000 reverse wherigos near Adelaide, SOuth Australia and the only way to currently set the solved coords is to copy and paste each number into a solver then copy and paste the coords back to the cache page. A tool to make this easier would be the most amazing thing ever
  10. Beardman75

    Exclude past events

    I thought that might be the case but figured it couldn’t hurt to ask. Thanks anyway
  11. Beardman75

    Exclude past events

    When doing a live search, it would be handy if there was an option to exclude past events
  12. Beardman75

    Need to keep logging in

    It's been good for a couple of days but this morning I tried to import a GPX file and had the issue again
  13. Beardman75

    Need to keep logging in

    I logged out and back in a week ago and it’s been fine since then until today. But now it’s happened again
  14. Beardman75

    Need to keep logging in

    My GC username is Beardman75 I will log out and log back in and see if it makes any difference
  15. Beardman75

    Need to keep logging in

    I have been having an issue for a while (a few months) where Cachly keeps telling me I need to log in again. This happens sporadically but can happen a couple of times in a day. It can happen when I've been using the app for a while already and sometimes when I'm in the middle of something so it doesn't seem like a timeout issue. After I log in again, everything works but my configured settings seem to be lost (such as Enable Lonely Indicator and Show Cache Type on Map and Recent Logs Use Smileys). If I forcefully close the app and re-open it, my settings come back. At least, until the next time it tells me I need to log in again. My wife also uses Cachly (not as much as me) and she said she doesn't have this issue