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  1. I understand now, thanks.
  2. Am I understanding correctly that the “Update Caches / .. / Full Cache Data” command means full cache data excluding images?
  3. You used the Download Cache Images function. Does this mean that the Update cache with full data does not download images? Anyway, I do not understand why images in Cachly are replaced by placeholders during update cache with full data.
  4. I see the following difference: I do have in the begining all images imported from gpx file, so I didn’t use Download Cache images after update cache with full data.
  5. My workflow re grey placeholders: 1. In GSAK: Database/Grab Images2. In GSAK: File / Export / GPX3. File Test1.gpx moved to Dropbox4. In Cachly: Import GPX, Import from Dropbox, Options Save Images, Import5. Printscreen of map with cache6. cache opened, Images - 5 visible7. back to map, three dots, Update caches, Visible, Full Cache Data8. Four pictures still visible, instead of fifth image is placeholder and added other placeholders (btw Mobile Data are On in the iPhone and LTE coverage is great)Mostly I do have after this process place holders instead of ALL images. Images uploaded, gpx file is not supported, so look at the e-mail.
  6. Thanks for the fast response, I didn’t know Clear All Checkmarks option. Now I am working on examples for debugging. Just an example of grey place holders is attached.
  7. The following issues might disappear in some future version of Cachly: 1. After updating saved caches, the images downloaded via GPX file disappear, replaced by gray placeholders with the original description. It’s amusing to see a gray square with the text “spoiler” 2. When the Highlight Color filter is enabled, highlighted caches vanish from the map after updating them. However, upon opening any such cache, the highlighted sidebar remains. Reapplying the cache highlight color is necessary, even if it’s the same color as in the sidebar. Another option is existing and useful bulk recovery via Manual Sync in the Settings. 3. I use field notes, accidentally marked the cache as found, no sync with the website. I can't get rid of the mark that the cache was found. I tried deleting the cache from Cachly and then re-uploading it from the site - strangely it was again marked as found in Cachly. Thanks for this great app.
  8. Hi Nic, I just downloaded new version of Cachly from AppStore and see Cachly 7.1.3 (8) in the About Cachly. Greetings from Prague, Czechia ivans
  9. I wish version 8.0 or 8.1 fixed the disappearance of photos from caches saved offline. After updating these caches, the photos disappear and only gray placeholders remain in their places
  10. ivans

    Comic Sans

    Great message, thanks. Wishing you a new year full of success, health, and the fulfillment of all your wishes.
  11. ivans

    Comic Sans

    I just read all the new topics and see there's a lack of response here. So I found a cache in GSAK with the font Comic Sans, more precisely Comic Sans MS. In Cachly, my listing of GC69MVN shows up legibly, so I guess that's not a good example … I had another one, but there the owner changed the font to Courier after our log that Comic Sans is very hard to read
  12. Yes, it works. I only had to change the sort type to “distance+”. Many thanks for this great application. Have a nice day ivans
  13. The same here. It could be caused by “Exclude my finds” switch set ON.
  14. Cachly v.8.0 reminds me of Lieutenant Columbo’s wife I'm really looking forward to 8.0.
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