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  1. ivans

    DNF icon on the map

    Wow! It works, I didn't know this possibility, thanks.
  2. ivans

    DNF icon on the map

    I accidentally marked one cache as found in the offline list. Then I corrected the draft from Found it to DNF. But icon of this cache is still as found on the map (Found but not Logged).
  3. ivans

    Crash When Attempting to Import GPX from Dropbox

  4. ivans

    Crash When Attempting to Import GPX from Dropbox

    I like the transitions to native Apple apps. Sometimes I'm traveling alone and my wife sends me a GPX file exported from GSAK via Dropbox. Now I've read that files are saved to Files on the iPhone via iTunes and the phone must be connected to the PC. However, in my case, the mobile will not be connected to the PC. As another option for transferring the file, I see sending it by e-mail (for a larger size with splitting into multiple files) and saving the file from the e-mail to Files. Or consistent upload of final coordinates from GSAK to gc web and subsequent download of caches via the Live tab in Cachly. Am I seeing this correctly?
  5. ivans

    Crash When Attempting to Import GPX from Dropbox

    I have the same experience.
  6. ivans

    Power Trail Caching

    I also like a support of powertails (long line of caches) ;-)
  7. ivans

    Routing providers

    It's great! The Mapy.cz app has even been included in the Apple CarPlay ;-)
  8. ivans

    Routing providers

    I would like to add another routing provider beside Apple, Google and Waze. Specifically installed Mapy.cz application with offline maps. Any idea how to do it?
  9. ivans


    Thanks for this nice Christmas gift
  10. ivans

    Multiple Logs Displayed

    I have a similar experience.
  11. ivans

    Lab caches in the Cachly 6.2

    Nic, lab caches in the Cachly are great! Thanks Just one question: does Hide My Finds switch work also for lab caches? We already found lab caches in Prague, but they are on the map in Cachly, see attached file.
  12. Works manual sync with ALL my offline lists at a time or ONLY with currently selected list? And depends manual sync on CURRENT FILTER settings or is it above complete list regardless of filter?
  13. ivans

    Wherigo player

    I collected old printscreens and notes related to the wigo https://coord.info/GC5TTH8 and now I'm announcing the end of the alarm! I apologize for wasting your time. I tried to enter the code from the app printscreen into the form at wherigo.com and it passed. I had to make a mistake in the field while copying the unlock code from the application screen. Actually, I don't know how to copy the unlock code from the application to wherigo.com, is the code copyable? Have a nice time Ivan
  14. ivans

    Wherigo player

    Regarding unlock code. We played Wherigo cartridge in this excellent iPhone app. Finally we gained an unlock code, but it was not accepted by wherigo.com page. Then we played this cartridge again with Oregon 550 and gained different unlock code (nick name was the same). This code was accepted by wherigo.com page. What we did wrong with app? thanks
  15. ivans

    Duplicate Logs In Offline Lists After Refreshing List

    I have encountered the same problem several times.