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  1. ivans

    New version available?

    Hi Nic, I just downloaded new version of Cachly from AppStore and see Cachly 7.1.3 (8) in the About Cachly. Greetings from Prague, Czechia ivans
  2. ivans

    New version available?

    I wish version 8.0 or 8.1 fixed the disappearance of photos from caches saved offline. After updating these caches, the photos disappear and only gray placeholders remain in their places
  3. ivans

    Comic Sans

    Great message, thanks. Wishing you a new year full of success, health, and the fulfillment of all your wishes.
  4. ivans

    Comic Sans

    I just read all the new topics and see there's a lack of response here. So I found a cache in GSAK with the font Comic Sans, more precisely Comic Sans MS. In Cachly, my listing of GC69MVN shows up legibly, so I guess that's not a good example … I had another one, but there the owner changed the font to Courier after our log that Comic Sans is very hard to read
  5. ivans

    Not able to load live caches

    Yes, it works. I only had to change the sort type to “distance+”. Many thanks for this great application. Have a nice day ivans
  6. ivans

    Not able to load live caches

    The same here. It could be caused by “Exclude my finds” switch set ON.
  7. ivans

    Mapy.cz integration for navigation

    Cachly v.8.0 reminds me of Lieutenant Columbo’s wife I'm really looking forward to 8.0.
  8. ivans

    DNF icon on the map

    Wow! It works, I didn't know this possibility, thanks.
  9. ivans

    DNF icon on the map

    I accidentally marked one cache as found in the offline list. Then I corrected the draft from Found it to DNF. But icon of this cache is still as found on the map (Found but not Logged).
  10. ivans

    Crash When Attempting to Import GPX from Dropbox

  11. ivans

    Crash When Attempting to Import GPX from Dropbox

    I like the transitions to native Apple apps. Sometimes I'm traveling alone and my wife sends me a GPX file exported from GSAK via Dropbox. Now I've read that files are saved to Files on the iPhone via iTunes and the phone must be connected to the PC. However, in my case, the mobile will not be connected to the PC. As another option for transferring the file, I see sending it by e-mail (for a larger size with splitting into multiple files) and saving the file from the e-mail to Files. Or consistent upload of final coordinates from GSAK to gc web and subsequent download of caches via the Live tab in Cachly. Am I seeing this correctly?
  12. ivans

    Crash When Attempting to Import GPX from Dropbox

    I have the same experience.
  13. ivans

    Power Trail Caching

    I also like a support of powertails (long line of caches) ;-)
  14. ivans

    Routing providers

    It's great! The Mapy.cz app has even been included in the Apple CarPlay ;-)