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    Nic Hubbard

    Copy Options

    This can be done on the Additional Information screen. If you tap on a row of information it will save to the clipboard. Then, if you long press on another row, it will append that text to the previously copied text. I realize this could be useful, but I also think that users would be annoyed if it showed the share sheet every time they were only wanting to copy the text.
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    Nic Hubbard

    Cachly on Apple CarPlay

    I would be interested in building this. I put in an application for the CarPlay program to Apple probably a year ago, but have not hear back. You can’t even start development without approval and some special files they provide.
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    Nic Hubbard

    Wherigo player

    I worked on the new HQ Wherigo app, so hopefully it is a good compromise. Integrating a Wherigo player into Cachly isn't something that is planned.
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    Thanks for the suggestion!
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    Cachly on Apple CarPlay

    Hello, just wondering if there would be any possibility for cachly or navigation to a cache to be able to be connected to the Apple CarPlay I asked on Facebook page also and a couple of others like the thought of it too. Would it be at all possible? Thanks in advance for your time and considerations regards Maattmoo
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    Automatically update caches on a map

    The only thing I like about the official app is that it shows new caches automatically when I move the map. I would like to see this feature in Cachly too (there could be an option in Settings to turn it off if a user still wants to update the map manually)
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    Perfect, thank you very much for looking into all that so quickly! Best service. Much appreciated.
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    This is never a good idea as you will loose all data. I do have a fix for the initial bug. I will be submitting it to Apple today for approval. What specific map are you loading?
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    The official app has the benefit of using an API that we cannot. It can load 500 caches at a time for the area around the map. This isn't a complaint, but just a fact. Because we cannot do this (no API like this for partner apps) and because of the API limits that users have on how many caches they can load per day and for each request, it would be a poor user experience. So it isn't something that we have planned right now.
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    Awesome. Thanks for the help guys
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    Proximity alert

    Love the proximity alert!
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    I realize this is an old thread, but this has now been possible for quite some time with Premium Offline Maps.
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    Proximity alert

    What a nice surprise to find this feature in the release notes of the latest update. I've been searching for years for a geocaching app that triggers an alert for nearby caches (without having to navigate to them) without any success until now. Now Cachly finally supports it and works like a charm. Many thanks to the developers to integrate that! Donation just done.
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    Nic Hubbard

    Apple Watch & GPS Drift

    On the watch location updates don’t continue when the watch when the screen goes to sleep, so it has to get a fix each time it is turned back on. However, I will do some testing myself and see what I can do to improve this.
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    That is exactly what I wanted, just did not realise that is what the option was for. Duh Thanks for thinking ahead of us And of course, clicking on the circle that indicated current position gives us the coordinates we are at. All set, now I can place caches more effectively!
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    Cachly has this feature. In Settings just turn on "Cache Radius". Is this what you were meaning?
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    Thanks, this is a great suggestion!
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    Nic Hubbard

    More details on 6.1 features

    Here is a bit more information about 6.1 as we haven't had a chance to update the wiki: https://medium.com/@cachly/cachly-6-1-features-and-release-37be309d9f68 Proximity alert is a new button that shows up on the navigate to cache screen as well as on offline lists. You can tap it to see all the options and turn it on, or you can long press the button to quickly turn it on. These are saved in iCloud drive and will be synced to your other devices and are accessible on those devices and on your computer by viewing them in iCloud Drive and viewing the Cachly folder. They are not saved on geocaching.com. Let me know if you have any additional questions!
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    Nic Hubbard

    Add "empty" Fieldnotes

    Thank you for reporting this.
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    Jello Jeep

    Apple Watch

    Went out caching with it,, it eventually started to work, not sure what the issue was ,,,
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    Personal Cache Note Update Problem

    I noticed the problem when (1) I deleted the personal cache note on several caches and then (2) visited those cache pages on the website 30 minutes later and noticed that the note was still present. Thinking I may have done something wrong, I was able to repeat the problem. That was the only reason I did an immediate update to see if the deletion was posted. After receiving your information, I tested again and waited a few minutes after the deletion and confirmed that the deletion was not posted.
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    Display hint in Compass View

    I would love to have the Geocache Hint displayed on the screen when navigating to a cache using the Compass View. It would greatly improve the app for me, and there's plenty of room there!
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    Back arrow at bottom of screen

    Hi Nick, Well I do now!!! Had one for years and never thought of using it with Cachly. Amazing, so pleased I asked and thank you. chris
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    Cachly is built using iOS best practices and standard controls. There isn't a way to add the back button on the bottom of the screen. That being said, do you use the swipe from the left side of the screen to go back? This is a nice fast way to not have to use the back button, and it can be done at the bottom of the screen: https://9to5mac.com/2018/05/25/how-to-go-back-on-iphone/
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    Nic, thank you for your confirmation. Looking4cache has this feature and the user interface looks like this screenshot. I hope you will check it out. Thanks a lot.