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    This is part of our 7.0 release, which will be released later this year.
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    I use highlights extensively. I love the new ability to rename them. For example, a few of mine are: orange - solved puzzles blue - challenges purple - lab cache finals light blue - Earthcache green - oldies You get the point. Some caches I’d like to have in more than one group. They are oldies that are solved puzzles. Or some other combination. I’d like the ability to assign more than one highlight to a cache.
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    Nic Hubbard

    Map refresh

    One of the big differences here is that the official app can load 500 caches on the map at a time, and we have a max of 100. The official app also does not have a daily limit on number of caches loaded, but partner apps do. Because of these two limitations, I have been hesitant to include this feature. However, I get the request more and more so I am looking into how I can adequately warn the user of the inherent risks when using a live loading map. That being said, I am only investigating the possibility at this point and don't have it planned for a release.
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    I tried a 4 year old „Introduction to cachly“ on YouTube, made by a Scotsman, and although a bit older, it helped here and there. What helped even more was asking a friend to try out logging his cache and him not wondering about the funny things that might happen - so I could log found, post DNF, add a coin and remove... - kind of personal intro. The rest worked out in the field then, asking my friends to be a bit more patient as I needed to find out how things worked...
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    No, as the pointer is specifically a heading indicator, which GPS course cannot do. Think about if you are standing close to a geocache, rotating your body looking for the cache, the compass will provide correction direction for the pointer in relation the tip of your phone, so when looking at the map you know exactly which way you are facing. GPS course cannot do this unless the user walks for a distance.
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    PQ Download to a List

    Hi, I would appreciate to add a function „delete list before download“ to the option menu of PQ download. Right now I have to navigate to the offline list to delete all Caches in the List before downloading the PQ. The background is, that if I do not delete the list first, all the „old“ and „found“ Caches are still in the list. I use the offline list to show me all not found Caches... Thanks Daniel
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    Yes, this is currently how it works. We haven't ever had a feature request for anything different, but will add it to our list for a future version. These will be coming in our 7.0 version. Thanks for using Cachly!
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    Map refresh

    The only reason I still have the main geocaching app on my phone is when planning routes I can pan around on the map and as you pan, the map updates with more geocaches. On Cachly you have to keep refreshing the map to load more. I do know that you can increase the amount visible, but would it be possible to have the map auto-refresh like the geocaching official app does? Thanks, James.
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    Geoundspeak‘s Solution Checker

    Hi, i just read about an App, an official API partner, which integrates the official Groundspeak solution checker. Do you know about this. Is this possible in Cachly too? Best, David
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    Cachly on Apple CarPlay

    It would be great to this option. I usually tap the selected and navigate to it. A map in Car Play is a dream!!
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    Labcaches in Cachly?

    Ok, thanks Nic. Looking forward to seeing Labcaches in Cachly!
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    Automatically update caches on a map

    The only thing I like about the official app is that it shows new caches automatically when I move the map. I would like to see this feature in Cachly too (there could be an option in Settings to turn it off if a user still wants to update the map manually)
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    Bad maps layers

    Brilliant feature for quickly changing between recent/regular maps ... to change between say premium and OS (which is at the bottom of the full list) I had to scroll way down ... very easy to change between my regular maps now! Many thanks and still discovering Cachly features by the day!!
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    If have tried it from a different internet connection and it worked better now. Thanks
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    Very straight forward. Worked slick. Thank you!
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    For whatever reason, iOS is inserting this. It has been fixed and will be in our 7.0 version.
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    Nic Hubbard

    Log Template Auto-Count skips numbers

    This will be fixed in our next minor update. There will also be a new keyword in our 7.0 version that will exclude geocaching.com Drafts from the count.
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    Hello and thanks for the great app and maintenance. I see there potential for streamlining the Pending Logs list. When swiping a pending log to the left, the 'Options' and 'Delete' tab show up. Though, as far as I can see, when going on 'Options' it always only gives 'View Cache' as next selection. I tried it with several cache types (Trad, Multi, WherIgo, Earth, Event, CITO), and it's always the same, so perhaps the 'Options' could be turned into 'View Cache' reducing the need for one more klick. Just a suggestion, in case there is indeed no other use for the options. Best regards
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    Nic Hubbard

    Quick display waypoints

    In a future version you will be able to see all waypoints on the map, so this should help.
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    There are hundreds of thousands if not millions of Geocachers using the various geocaching apps on mobile devices, as well as over 5 years worth of happy Cachly customers. We haven't ever had this issue reported, so that is why I was thinking it could be an issue with the device itself.
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    Thanks for the suggestion!
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    Nic Hubbard

    Copy Options

    This can be done on the Additional Information screen. If you tap on a row of information it will save to the clipboard. Then, if you long press on another row, it will append that text to the previously copied text. I realize this could be useful, but I also think that users would be annoyed if it showed the share sheet every time they were only wanting to copy the text.
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    Nic Hubbard

    Cachly on Apple CarPlay

    I would be interested in building this. I put in an application for the CarPlay program to Apple probably a year ago, but have not hear back. You can’t even start development without approval and some special files they provide.
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    Nic, thank you for your confirmation. Looking4cache has this feature and the user interface looks like this screenshot. I hope you will check it out. Thanks a lot.
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    Nic Hubbard

    Trackable set to always visit

    No, this isn't currently a feature of Cachly, but it has been requested, so we are still considering it for a future release.