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    This is a bug and will be fixed in 7.0.1. That keyword picker should only be showing trackable keywords.
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    Excellent Nic ... easy for me to change in the gpx file and until your Cachly mod is available I could change the GSAK name to avoid "&" Many thanks for your fast solution ... it is really appreciated.
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    Check, found it, I was not expecting it there. Thanks!
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    Trackable set to always visit

    Is it possible to set a trackable to visiting (for every log) by default? For example a person with a personal trackable code tattoo or key ring so it visits each cache (found, write note, owner maintenance, the lot) by default. thanks
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    Nic Hubbard

    Finished Lab Cache with Smiley

    This is a limitation of the geocaching.com API, which will be fixed in the future. Currently, you can long press on the AL cache and choose to set as found.
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    Hi I'm not sure if this is technically possible, but I wondered if it would be possible to have an option to show the hint in the proximity alert banner notification. I have recently discovered the joys of proximity alerts, which I have never liked due to the sound. But with the sound off, I can turn off the screen (thus saving battery) and be alerted by a little vibration as I near GZ. Trouble is, when I get a notification, my work flow goes something like this: unlock phone > go out of navigate mode into the cache page > open hint > read hint > come out of hint > go to navigation mode > find the cache. Sometimes I add a stage after finding a cache which goes a little like this: select next cache > check hint > navigate to next cache > forget hint, then go through the above steps. If I could select to show the hint in the proximity alert notification banner, I could have a totally smooth ride to the cache, which went something like this: read hint in notification > unlock phone > go straight to the cache As I say, I'm not sure if it is possible to pull this information into the notification, but if it was, it would be great! Thank you every day for the fantastic features Cachly offers.
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    Sadly this is an iOS 15 bug. I have reported it to Apple, so I hope they will get it fixed. Funny enough, it was a bug in iOS 13 and they fixed it after I reported. it.
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    Nic Hubbard

    Waypoints for custom caches

    Yes, this is a current limitation. Hoping to get this added in a future version.
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    Syncing Drafts?

    Hi Nic, thanks for your response. That’s close to how I logged in the past: drafting and final log at home at the browser. I’m considering using pending logs, however for travel bugs I try to use immediate logging, to provide past feedback to the database. Regarding my initial question: it would be at least good to show a number and names of drafts in the GC database to remind me to complete my logs ;-) thx, xelarep
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    Yes, you can set the Drafts option as a log default. In a future version I hope to have geocaching.com Drafts show up in Cachly so that users can finishing them there instead of the website.
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    Owner nick

    Hi Nic, in the update is possible to apear the owner name when is cliqued the cache? thanks
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    Recover deleted caches (AdLabs)

    Thank you for your support, much appreciated! I’ll manage today’s finds differently :-)
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    Recover deleted caches (AdLabs)

    Thank you for being so responsive. It’s much appreciated. I checked all the caches were present and correct in the new list before deleting them. Weirdly, it also deleted the Trad caches from the list. Oh well, if I can’t remember the bonus info I’ll just have to revisit :-) Thanks for all the new features in the latest update. Just when you think Cachly can’t (and doesn’t need to) get any better, it does. Love the ‘mark as found’ on AdLab stages (even though it was my downfall this evening). Thanks again for trying. RS
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    Lab caches in the Cachly 6.2

    Of course you are right again. I just recently changed this setting. After reenabling iCloud for Cachly everything works as expected. Thank you for your quick reply and solution.
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    Nic Hubbard

    Lab caches in the Cachly 6.2

    No, no additional updates. You are likely not seeing the option because you need to enable iCloud and iCloud Drive for Cachly in iOS Settings. Once you do this you will see the option to mark as found.
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    Thank you Nic. This is easy enough to do manually and I have already tested and it works. My phone is set up to sync to iCloud and Cachly is enabled to do so. My phone is getting very old so that most likely has something to do with it. You have solved my issue and made me a happy cacher.
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    Nic Hubbard

    Waymarkly integration

    Sorry for the confusion. I just checked and these changes are in our upcoming 7.0 version, not in 6.2.2. Stay tuned.
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    Lab caches in the Cachly 6.2

    Since a normal tap on the pop-up leads directly to the official app I never tried pressing long. Just discovered it. It's exactly what I meant. Thanks for the hint. Should help ivans too.
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    Nic Hubbard

    Lab caches in the Cachly 6.2

    Cachly currently has the ability to mark AL caches as found, which will then filter them out using the Hide My Finds filter. Are you meaning something else?
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    Thank you!!! I didn't know that you could bulk add the displayed list of live caches to an offline map. This is perfect. I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction.
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    Nic Hubbard

    CreateTrackableLog exceeded

    Thanks. This issue will be fixed in our upcoming 7.0 release.
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    Changing Icon Types

    I haven't tried that, thank you I think that will fix my problem!
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    Okay, thank you for your support. This information is really helpful and will solve some issues in the future (as I know I'm too lacy to prepare an offline list every time I go caching). Your help is really appreciated.
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    Compass button

    I would prefer to keep the present "compass" icon to navigate to the chosen cache ...
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    Nic Hubbard

    Trackable set to always visit

    No, this isn't currently a feature of Cachly, but it has been requested, so we are still considering it for a future release.