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    Nic Hubbard

    NEW Geocaching API Requierments

    Cachly already uses OAuth 2.0 in 7.x and we will be adding the PKCE requirement in an upcoming 7.x fix and in 8.0. So, not to worry!
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    This is a bug in the geocaching.com API that I am working with them to fix. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Filter by latitude/longitude

    There’s some challenges here which are collecting caches found in different degrees of latitude/longitude. Would be handy if there was a filter to search an offline list for that, e.g. latitude S39 01.xxx, S39 02.xxx (the filter for multis/mysteries should work on the posted coords, not the corrected).
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    Nic Hubbard

    Mapy.cz integration for navigation

    Yes, this has been added in our 8.0 version which is in development.
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    Mapy.cz integration for navigation

    Cachly v.8.0 reminds me of Lieutenant Columbo’s wife I'm really looking forward to it.
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    Nic Hubbard

    Error viewing profiles

    This is a geocaching.com API error which has been reported to them. Hoping it will get fixed soon.
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    Yes. When you are entering a log (or create a text template) you can insert keywords. Just tap the ... button:
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    Logging for multiple users at once?

    I’d like to log for my family at once. Maybe similar to Looking4Cache: logging into the app with multiple accounts at the same time, and choosing which ones are “on” by default. The use case: logging for children that have their own accounts but can’t log themselves yet.
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    Nic Hubbard

    Add support for playing Whereigo

    This is actually a feature of 8.0 where you will be able to tap a download button in Cachly and the Wherigo app will open and then download that cartridge.
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    Nic Hubbard

    Lab caches stages

    Yes, this is possible. We add this to our feature list for consideration.
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    That second forum link is EXACTLY the problem I am having... thank you for sharing this and letting me know it is a Groundspeak issue rather than a Cachly issue!
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    So I adjusted my full cache data to 50 and now I'm not getting that error. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
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    DNF icon on the map

    Wow! It works, I didn't know this possibility, thanks.
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    Thanks. This will be fixed in our next release.
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    I have tested and can replicate this as well. Sadly this is Dropbox crashing, not Cachly, so I have no way to investigate it. My guess is they changed something in their newest update. In Cachly 8.0 we no longer use the Dropbox app but use the Files app instead to access Dropbox files. Until then, I would start in the Dropbox app then choose to share with Cachly.
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    Hi Nic, great, thanks, I tried to send it on Wednesday but due to a fault in my email config it might got lost. Sent it again today. Let's hope you can find out something.
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    If you can get the one list to error, send me the debug data by doing More > Help & Support > Debug data and send to support@cach.ly. Thanks.
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    That appears to have fixed it. Thank you
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    Open the App Store. Then, in order: tap the profile icon in upper right corner; tap "purchased" near the top; tap "My Purchases"; type "cachly" in the Search box and tap Search button. There should be an entry for cachly with a cloud download icon. Tap that and you should be in business.
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    This has been fixed for our upcoming 8.0 version.
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    Crash with tap on Cluster

    I have clustering selected. If I display a map of an offline list and tap on a cluster, Cachly crashes. Cachly 7.1.1(1) iOS 16.1.1 iPhone 11 Pro Max
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    Cachly on Apple CarPlay

    Would love to see Cachly support CarPlay. While I usually tell Cachly to use Apple Maps to navigate, it would be great to also be able to show the Cachly map with caches directly on the car's screen. Would be useful when gathering a number of caches in an area, rather than setting up Apple Maps to navigate to each one; and also when there's no cellular reception.
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    Hmm, OK, but if I can express my feelings, I have always filtered out T5 caches, I don't do them. And if I disable terrain filter, I can see labs, but also, I see lot of caches, which I can't grab. It would be nice if I can show labs and also, do terrain filter. I mean, why remove labs, when filter is applied? I understand, they does not have terrain rating, but if someone want to hide them, there is switch for it. So, my idea is: show them always and if someone don't want to see them, there is already button for it... BTW: lab stages are the best function I have ever seen! Thanks!
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    FEATURE REQUEST: Add a small semi-transparent compass to top corner of map screen when navigating to a cache or waypoint. We have discussed this before ... see "Looking4Cache" method - preferably, like L4C, the compass would be user selectable: 1. show or hide 2. small or larger 3. adjust level of transparency
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    Very interesting: If I split the list in two halves then both halves work. Back to my non-working list: I tried removing just one randomly picked entry and it made it work. So I thought this randomly picked entry might be suspicios, so I added it to another, previously working list -> It doesn't break it. Still works. Once again back to my non-working list: I tried removing another randomly picked entry and it still doesn't work. By the way, the results are always repeatable. A particular list that fails always fails no matter when or how often I try t load it. Another particular list that works always works. So it's not just a random glitch which might make me think certain things work while others don't. Very strange.