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    Check, found it, I was not expecting it there. Thanks!
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    Navigation using mapy.cz

    Hello, I would like to ask you if there is a possibility to implement support of mapy.cz (https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/mapy-cz/id411411020) as a routing provider. Thank you very much for letting me know. It would make the user experience of using your app much better.
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    Internal server error

    Oh, ok. Thank you for the explanation! I've tested turning the "Full Cache Data" on with less than 100 Caches and that is working too. The maximum with "Full Cache Data" on seems to be 80 Caches. Anyway, thanks for all your help! I'm really happy that I can now use Cachly again. ♥
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    Nic Hubbard

    Internal server error

    It is a server side bug. So a change that Geocaching HQ made to their API (not sure what) is now triggering the 500 error when full cache data and 100 caches are requested.
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    Nic Hubbard

    Internal server error

    Do you have the "Full Cache Data" option turned on? If so, try turning that off and see if that helps. If it DID fix the issue, can you let me know what you have for the number of caches to load setting? Is it 100?
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    Internal server error

    I have send you an email with more informations and the debug data. I hope that helps you finding the problem. I would love to use Cachly again. It's way much better than the geocaching app! ♥
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    Nic Hubbard

    Syncing Drafts?

    Thanks. I am still considering this for a future version.
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    Syncing Drafts?

    I’d also find it handy to be able to edit Drafts in Cachly. When online I use them over Pending logs, as they're immediately stored in the cloud and accessible from any device. Which works well… until I think of something else to add to the draft
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    Hello Nic, thank for the amazing support so far. I also would love to have a simple Complication added to the 'Infograph' watch face so that it can be used with the series 7. Something simple as just a shortcut logo in on of the Sub-dial Left/Right/Bottom areas would be more than enough. I see that also another threat from 2019 would have liked that. Thanks a lot for your work
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    Filter Options for 3.0

    Exactly: the center coordinate would be a "from" field in the distance filter for entering the center coordinate to store it fixed along with the filter. If this is empty, the center coordinate would be the current position (as today).
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    Nic Hubbard


    Yes, with Premium Offline Maps you can make the text larger if you change the text size in iOS. So, if you change the iOS Setting for text size you will see that reflected in our maps.
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    Thanks for this nice Christmas gift
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    Thanks again Nic ... I tried removing all special characters and spaces (for good measure) from my GSAK 'Navigation WP' database 'Code' field and now the Cachly exported version loads into GSAK perfectly. Another step in my learning process, courtesy of you & Cachly. Also found that 'Notepad++' opens gpx files properly, so I can now see line numbers etc.
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    Excellent Nic ... easy for me to change in the gpx file and until your Cachly mod is available I could change the GSAK name to avoid "&" Many thanks for your fast solution ... it is really appreciated.
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    Thanks for the suggestion.
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    FEATURE REQUEST: Add a small semi-transparent compass to top corner of map screen when navigating to a cache or waypoint. We have discussed this before ... see "Looking4Cache" method - preferably, like L4C, the compass would be user selectable: 1. show or hide 2. small or larger 3. adjust level of transparency
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    Make sure that you are toggled to show the map instead of list view.
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    Trackable set to always visit

    Is it possible to set a trackable to visiting (for every log) by default? For example a person with a personal trackable code tattoo or key ring so it visits each cache (found, write note, owner maintenance, the lot) by default. thanks
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    Nic Hubbard

    Finished Lab Cache with Smiley

    This is a limitation of the geocaching.com API, which will be fixed in the future. Currently, you can long press on the AL cache and choose to set as found.
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    Hi I'm not sure if this is technically possible, but I wondered if it would be possible to have an option to show the hint in the proximity alert banner notification. I have recently discovered the joys of proximity alerts, which I have never liked due to the sound. But with the sound off, I can turn off the screen (thus saving battery) and be alerted by a little vibration as I near GZ. Trouble is, when I get a notification, my work flow goes something like this: unlock phone > go out of navigate mode into the cache page > open hint > read hint > come out of hint > go to navigation mode > find the cache. Sometimes I add a stage after finding a cache which goes a little like this: select next cache > check hint > navigate to next cache > forget hint, then go through the above steps. If I could select to show the hint in the proximity alert notification banner, I could have a totally smooth ride to the cache, which went something like this: read hint in notification > unlock phone > go straight to the cache As I say, I'm not sure if it is possible to pull this information into the notification, but if it was, it would be great! Thank you every day for the fantastic features Cachly offers.
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    Sadly this is an iOS 15 bug. I have reported it to Apple, so I hope they will get it fixed. Funny enough, it was a bug in iOS 13 and they fixed it after I reported. it.
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    Owner nick

    Hi Nic, in the update is possible to apear the owner name when is cliqued the cache? thanks
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    This is a bug and will be fixed in 7.0.1. That keyword picker should only be showing trackable keywords.
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    Nic Hubbard

    Switching coordinates

    Yes, will hoping to get this added.
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    Nic Hubbard

    Trackable set to always visit

    No, this isn't currently a feature of Cachly, but it has been requested, so we are still considering it for a future release.