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    More Apple Watch complications AW4

    I’ve been finding the Cachly Apple Watch app very handy recently for kayak caching. Handy to see distance to next cache by simply turning my wrist instead of reaching for my phone while paddling. I just picked up an Apple Watch 4 & realized with the extra screen space there is a bunch more info Cachly could possibly show. It would be super nice to have a distance & maybe even small compass or general direction to next cache complication. Would be killer for kayak caching and come to think of it sorta was what I was looking for with regards to power trail caching. Even if that isn’t possible at the very least it would be nice if the Cachly watch complication was able to be used in more of the faces. Keep having to use a very specific face just so it’s available to use via the main face. It’s kinda funny how what at first I thought was just a cool gimmicky thing to use every once in awhile has become a real time saver that has a bunch of potential.
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    Thanks, looks like an issue that one of our beta testers reported as well. We will get this fixed Thanks!
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    Hi Nic Here a little input for a super improvement: Would it be possible to display the favorite points in percent? Especially if you are travelling in a unfamiliar area and don't want to miss the best caches, this would be a very useful function! Of course you should also be able to filter or sort by percentage. If the % display is output via the API, I guess it would be relatively easy to implement such a function. Thanks!
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    Nic Hubbard

    Named color markers/Tags

    Just letting you know that custom labels feature will be in our 5.1 update.
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    Ham fam

    Today’s find count

    We went out caching today, mostly a power trail, and some other caches. We wanted to hit a hundred, but because some of the caches on the power trail were archived. I thrill it would be nice to be able to see how many caches I’ve found today. Seems like it would be easy though.
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    Team DEMP

    Premium Offline maps

    All options will get you access to all the premium maps and map extras (contours and hillshades). The 2 options that include a tip are there as a gesture of support for the developers continued hard work.
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    Cachly 5.0 is finally here! Over 8 months of work have gone into this major update that includes brand new offline maps, exciting new features and a refreshed design. https://medium.com/@cachly/cachly-5-0-will-be-released-feb-24th-94577e3e4bfc
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    No I hadn't, but just did. Yes, that's much easier than copy coordinated, create new way point, paste etc. It would be a "nice to have" to add a "Set as corrected Coordinates" option, but this is much better than the way I was doing it.
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    Team DEMP

    Export list to GPX as non-zip file

    You can import a zipped GPX file into cachly today. If you have an email with the zip file, open the email and open the zip file. Tap your mail program's Share icon and you should see Cachly listed. Importing a zip and GPX is the same process. If the above doesn't work for you, which iPhone mail program are you using and which step in the process stops you from proceeding?
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    Thanks Nic! I did have fit to map turned off. With it on the caches appear as expected. I do like to have that option off though if I’m zoomed in on an area and want to see what’s there. It’s a bit of a pain if the display zooms out when I refresh the caches.
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    YES! I had turned these layers off because the map displaying was slow earlier. I also didn't know that parking lots are considered as "points of interest". The icons are very small but better than nothing. Thank you!
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    Thank you! Got the one I was after (and another find that doesn't appear in Drafts that I'd forgotten about). Definitely not submitted as regular logs (I have Drafts set as default and there are no 'Found It' logs from me on the caches in question). But the one I wanted appeared in the .txt file with the following at the start: GC7GB04,2018-11-09T14:09Z,Found it, "..." Which implies it was sent through. The only explanation which makes any sense is that I have inadvertently deleted it from my Drafts list, which although implausible, is possible (there's only 537 in the queue at the moment so I might not notice if one or two went astray). Anyway, the notes I wanted were in the .txt file, so thank you for the help.
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    show waypoints on main map screen

    On the screen when you are looking at the main map to choose which cache to find next... It would be cool if when you click on a cache and the information pops up about the cache, any additional waypoints for the cache would also pop up on the map. That way if there are parking coords, or other important locations, you know about it right away rather than when you navigate to the cache. I realize this won't guarantee that the waypoints won't be hidden by the info pop-up.
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    Yes, I'm using Cachly 5.0.4. I've tested a little bit but also yould not replicate the issue.
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    Thanks Nic!
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    I Phone Compass Calibration

    Ah, this all makes sense. I only walked away 50' or so with the watch. Thanks for the info.
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    Nic Hubbard

    Named color markers/Tags

    Thank you!! Happy to add features that are so appreciated!
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    Nic Hubbard

    Named color markers/Tags

    This is something that we have on the list, stay tuned!
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    Cachly supports markdown and putting text between asterisks tells it to make that text italicized.
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    Yes! This is part of the new API so I will get it added.
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    Cachly 5.0 Glitches and Bugs.

    I have found one or two my self but also just wanted people to find other bugs so that Cachly 5.0 can become perfectly working!
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    Cachly 5 crashes constantly

    Headache, yes, but ultimately you helped me solve it. Thanks for your quick replies and being patient with me.
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    I also think a cache-by-cache basis wouldn't be a good idea. It would be easy to add a global setting for this that could be turned on or off.
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    UserID might also have fixed the issue with special characters in the username. I imagine it's not an easy programming switch from username to UserID internally but it may be worth it in the long run even if it has to wait until a future version. I suspect only a small subset of users is impacted, but it sounds like for those that are there can be numerous problems.
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    If Cachly had a shared database then if you logged in as a different user you'd see somebody else's data, which seems wrong. I'm guessing Groundspeak won't let you access an internal ID which doesn't change? So I think the existing behaviour is correct. If there's no data when starting the app, you could display a dialog saying data needs to be downloaded, including if you've renamed your username?