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Found 20 results

  1. Hello Nic, thanks for your amazing support. Perhaps I missed if this feature exists, but is it possible to save caches to the apple watch in bulk? I only found the option to save caches one by one when clicking into each cache. For example, the ability to long press or slide an offline/online list and then save the entire list to the watch would be amazing. Not sure what/if there are any limitations by the watch for doing such things, but even if lists could only contain up to a certain number of caches this would still speed up things. Thanks
  2. Hello, I am not sure if this is a feature I don't fully understand or a bug, and I wasn't able to find a topic that fully covered this. The problem: I like to create offline lists of my pocket queries by downloading them with 'Full Cache Data' and 'Download Images' turned on. The app then shows that it downloads all the cache data and logs, followed by the download of images. After all downloads are complete (i.e. showing >500MB of images in the 'Storage' -> 'Cache Images' Section), a cache that has logged images only shows however the image description, but the images itself are gray (See screenshot) and some of them have a thick green box around them. To actually see the image, I have to tap on it and then it will be downloaded (again), which makes it unusable off the grid. I would expect that with the fully downloaded PQ I would have already all images on my device and that no additional download would be necessary. Is there something wrong, or is there a setting that might interfere here? The basics: Iphone 11 Pro Max with FW 14.2 Cachly version 6.1.5 (2) Full Cache Data is turned OFF in settings for Live Search Thanks for the help and thanks for creating and maintaining such a great app!!!
  3. Hello, is it possible to add support for custom offline maps in mapsforge (.map) format?
  4. Hello Nic I am always disappointed with the speed of loading the offline maps. That's why I made two comparison videos: Video 1 shows the offline map of Switzerland Video 2 shows the same online OSM map As you can see, loading the offline map takes much longer than loading the same online OSM map! My setup: - iPhone 6 / 64GB, iOS 11.2.5 connected to WLAN - Cachly 4.0.1 / Location/Maps: Switzerland Why is the offline map so slow? When you're out in the field, it feels like forever... The main reason for me to use the offline map is that small ways are better visible. -- Dave
  5. First of all: thanks for making this great app. It always makes me happy using it. One question: do you think it would make sense to combine the bookmark lists and the offline lists that you have? I know it is possible to make an offline list from a bookmark list. But currently the offline lists are not stored at geocaching.com, so I do not have access to these lists on web or on other apps. And second, when I look at a cache details, I cannot add that cache to a bookmark list. Third, I think it can be confusing to support two lists of cache lists in the app. I would guess that combining it to an offline bookmark list would be simpler to use and would provide more functionality. I can imagine that a drawback could be that you will have to store more information about the bookmarks lists locally. But if you default to "Lite cache data", I don't think that will be too much data.
  6. Hello I have problem with offline maps (Czech Republic - Europe). The name of cities isn't typed correctly. I will upload pictures and you will see what I mean.
  7. Just a tweak rather than a feature. Could we see the last updated date under each offline list, rather than the created date. Im not sure about others, but I use that date to know when I last updated my database, and if I have forgotten to import my latest PQs.
  8. I'm getting the hang of Cachly after being a long time Geosphere user. In Geosphere, I had multiple databases - Default for everything thing in my home area, about 30k caches Found for all my found caches, over 16k caches Multiple other databases for various trips I've taken over the years. Some of them contain thousands of caches Now, my offline lists are currently just downloaded PQ's, and I just figured out how to merge lists so that it mirrors my Geosphere databases, more or less. Now the problem - it seems that there is a limit to how many offline lists you can merge, or rather how many caches an offline list can contain. My Default offline list seems to have stopped at 3022 caches and won't let any more caches be added to it. Is there an official limit to the number of caches an offline list can contain? If it's that low, I'm gonna have to find another solution. PS - it's a good looking app otherwise and I look forward to seeing new features in the future!
  9. Hi there! I just realised that if you are using a offline list it doesn't contain every HTML content of the listing. Mysterys often use a HTML content to set up the listing. It would be great - if possible - if it would download as well the HTML content when creating a offline list. Kind regards Andyyy94 --- Hallo! Die Listen werden ja heruntergeladen, sodass diese auch offline eingesehen werden können. Leider ist es jedoch so, dass der HTML-Inhalt vom Listing des Caches nicht heruntergeladen wird, sondern lediglich die Bilder welche unter "Bilder" anzusehen sind. Oft sind aber gewisse HTML-Objekte im Listing zwingend notwendig um z.B. den Mystery effektiv offline zu lösen. Es wäre also toll wenn die HTML-Inhalte bei Listen auch mitheruntergeladen werden. Liebe Grüsse Andyyy94
  10. I reviewed forum posts related to searching of offline lists. There was a reference to being able to do a quick search of an offline list in Map view. But I have not been able to find that capability. I am using version 2.0. The ability to search an offline list in List View in the same way that you can search caches in Live view would be a terrific addition (if the capability isn't currently there). If it is possible to search an offline list and I've missed it somehow, please let me know.
  11. Just another thought- when I download a cache into my offline list it would be nice to be able to select what info I want to be available offline- at there moment I have LITE or FULL. LITE is not really enough info but FULL takes a while to download. It would be nice to be able to select LITE BUT with Hints. Or LITE with Hints and logs. Maybe a tick box option of the sections you actually want downloaded. A lot of the time I just want the location and the hint but it would be cool to be able to select what info to put offline. Thanks.
  12. When I tried Cachly offline and want to enter a next waypoint for a multi, I can enter the coordinates in the 'add waypoint' screen but it did not want to save it... Anybody a clue what could go wrong? Im using the iPhone 5SE, IOS 10.2.1, Cachly 2.0.3 (4) in Dutch, therefore some wording could be wrong ;-)
  13. I have been playing with Cachly functions for merging offline lists and have some questions/comments. With respect to the Merge List function: 1) A minor point, but I find it a bit confusing when I hit the slider on list A and click on Merge Lists. I'm then presented with a list of the Offline Lists to click. I'm never sure whether I'm merging the list I started with to the list I'm about to click or the other way around. This is important since one of them will end up being merged with the other and one of them will be deleted. One improvement might be not listing the Offline list you started with since clicking it would only merge a list with itself (also see (2) below). 2) Another small issue, but this actually happened to me - I had one list left and noticed a bunch of duplicates. I took a chance and decided to merge that list with itself, thinking that might somehow eliminate all of the duplicates. The result was that the app worked for a little while and then ended up deleting the only offline list, leaving me with no offline list at all. Clearly my mistake but it was a bit of an unintended result. Perhaps some warning that you're about to delete the only offline list you have should be displayed? 3) I had anticipated that Merging two offline lists would result in a single offline list which contains a combination of the caches in the two lists, with no duplicates. Rules would need to be established on the attributes of the single cache that replaces all the duplicates. As it stands, it seems the Copy Caches function does the same thing as the Merge Lists function except the Copy Caches function doesn't delete the resulting empty list, but you still end up with duplicates in the resulting combined list. I think I understand the reason for the different Merge vs. Copy functions (i.e. the preservation of the resulting empty list). In my opinion, the elimination of duplicates, using some logical rules would be very valuable. 4) I also saw a post or two that referred to the ability to update cache data on a subset of caches in an offline list. I haven't been able to figure out how to do that because I can't seem to find the search functionality that would result in a subset of the offline list.
  14. I was out in the field yesterday working with version 2.0.1 The sorting of an offline list by distance seems much improved in this version. However, I still ran across some very odd results occasionally. Once in a while, a class of caches (for example, caches I own) appeared in the sort list incorrectly. Other caches were listed in ascending distance order and then somewhere down the list, a group of caches I own appear (out of order) and they'd be sorted correctly among themselves rather than sorted with the rest of the online caches. Then, after a short period of time, this phenomenon would disappear and they'd be sorted properly with the rest of the group. Seemed strange and hesitate to report it because it seemed sporadic and I can't determine the circumstances under which it happens. It might be that the sorting process gives rise to this and when I look at a list that I think is a final sorted list, I may be looking at a partially sorted list that Cachly is still working on.
  15. As another new Cachly user, coming from long term GeoSphere usage, there's a few things I used to use all the time in GeoSphere that I'm missing in Cachly, especially with Offline caches. With GeoSphere, I was able to import my whole GSAK database (40,000+ caches) in to the app, and while it wouldn't show them all at once (limit was 8000), I was able to use filters on the offline lists to display subsets of caches (ie, just Unknowns, just those with Corrected Coordinates, just T5 caches, only caches within X distance, etc). I can't seem to see any way of: - having this many caches in Cachly without it crashing when accessing a large list - filtering a list to show a certain subset of caches - hiding my Found caches if they're present in my list - the "List" of offline caches doesn't seem to reflect in any way my current distance from the caches If any of the above can be done already and I'm just missing something, then I'd be grateful to learn how. Thanks for otherwise what appears so far (only 1 day's usage, with some swapping back and forth to the old app) a great app!
  16. I've noticed this before, but especially noticed it this last weekend when we were aboard and didn't have any data connection. We were using hotel wifi to download caches to the offline lists and just using GPS when we went out. It worked. However, when we got home, and I was logging online, I noticed that even though I had selected "download photos" it Cachly didn't download all of the photos for each cache. In fact, there were a couple that we might not have DNF'd if we would have had the other photos (caches that were off their GPS). Was wondering how Cachly decides which photos to download, and if we save a cache to the offline list several times will we continue to add photos? Love Cachly and everything you guys do. Keep up the great work!
  17. Hello, logging TBs from offline notes fails with unspecified error. (see screenshot) Reproduceable with all trackables: search -> log trackable -> save -> offline trackables -> switch send -> send Code is correct. Logtype discovered. Message set. Cachly version 1.1.7 on iPhone 6 with iOS 10.0.2 Premium GC Member
  18. Hello, saving to a list does not work, when there's no cellular, nor wifi connection. It's quite often actually, when I need it. As in Groundspeak's Geocaching Classic, cachly can safely save at least details it already has - what I can see in the cache details, it's already on the device, there is no need to download anything. Thanks, Miro
  19. Use case: 1. search for a cache using a GC code 2. click on it, go to details 3. press ... 4. Save to offline list 5. select a list cachly offers to save cache details, including images, but NOT the map cachly should offer also map for saving, for example the standard 150 meters around it, or user selectable This map saving works if I use a map to search the caches, but not for a single one. Thanks, Miro
  20. Hello, Just downloaded Cachly after hearing about it through PodCacher. Love all of the features included in this app that aren't included in other apps. One thing I would like to see is the ability to download bookmark lists that have already been created through geocaching.com. I know I can make new lists to download, but it would be much easier to download a list that has already been created. Also as previously mentioned in another post (which it sounds like you are already working on) is a live map. I love this feature about the official geocaching app, and would love to see it on Cachly! Thank you for your contribution to the Caching community! Tristen
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