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  1. Hello, I love your app and it is what I do all my geocaching with. I checked a while ago and you said it was coming soon, however, are live maps coming? Also being able to view favorite points from tapping a cache from the map would be awesome. Can we expect an update soon? I'm sure the next update will be great as always. Thanks for the great product! Tristen
  2. Hello, Just downloaded Cachly after hearing about it through PodCacher. Love all of the features included in this app that aren't included in other apps. One thing I would like to see is the ability to download bookmark lists that have already been created through geocaching.com. I know I can make new lists to download, but it would be much easier to download a list that has already been created. Also as previously mentioned in another post (which it sounds like you are already working on) is a live map. I love this feature about the official geocaching app, and would love to see it on Cachly! Thank you for your contribution to the Caching community! Tristen
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