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  1. 70b43r

    [SOLVED] Trackables from Fieldnotes not logged

    Yes, I'm using Cachly 5.0.4. I've tested a little bit but also yould not replicate the issue.
  2. 70b43r

    [SOLVED] Trackables from Fieldnotes not logged

    Hello, logging TB as visited seems to be fixed now. Nevertheless dropping TB into cache from drafts causes an error. A draft on GC is created multiple times.
  3. Hello, great job on cachly so far. Since cach.ly 5 trackables from field notes are not logged any more. I'm currently using Cachly 5 with iOS12.1.4 on iPhone 7 as Premium Member. This happens when I create a field note and add trackables. It doesn't matter if I visit a cache or drop that trackable. When the notes are uploaded the logs for that trackables are not created any more.
  4. 70b43r

    Error Logging Trackables (from Pending Logs)

    Hi Nic, discovering TBs works neighter. Not in pending and also not from direct logging. Logging a note seems to work from direct, but not from Pending Logs. TBs I've used for testing are TB5XYMR and TB6136G. Both TBs are mine. If you need the traching code, leave a PM.
  5. Hello, logging TBs from offline notes fails with unspecified error. (see screenshot) Reproduceable with all trackables: search -> log trackable -> save -> offline trackables -> switch send -> send Code is correct. Logtype discovered. Message set. Cachly version 1.1.7 on iPhone 6 with iOS 10.0.2 Premium GC Member
  6. 70b43r

    Text overlap on deactivated caches

  7. 70b43r

    Crash downloading PQ with germanic umlaut

    Received the update today. Works now. Great work. Could be marked as solved.
  8. Hello, on deactivated caches the text overlap with waypoint option. Regards
  9. 70b43r

    Crash downloading PQ with germanic umlaut

    Great. Waiting for the update
  10. 70b43r

    Crash downloading PQ with germanic umlaut

    Yes, I'm using Version 1.0.3. Have you tried to create a PQ from by bookmark list? If you create a PQ manually, you should get similar results as in the attached screenshot. This is an error from geocaching website reported here
  11. Hello, cashly is crashing every time I try to download a PQ with germanic umlaut within its name. Unfortunatly, such PQ can only be created from bookmarks. I've created samles to reproduce the problem. They are attached. Bookmarks are public and could be views here (without umlaut) and here (with umlaut). Both should include PQ-name within filename. Regards Edit: [2016-01-31] Links to PQ's won't work 17182274_cach.lytest.zip 17182278_cach.lytestäöüßÄÖÜ.zip