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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, when I refresh a single cache in a list with "pull to refresh", the images are lost - number of images drops to whatever single-digit number and they are grayed out. Steps to reporoduce: create a list add a cache there use "download images" from list three-dot menu go to the cache detail from the list use "download more images" ... now you have let's say 50 images use "pull to refresh" ... images are lost from cache detail go back to the list and again to the cache detail ... the images are there again This is quite annoying, and I found that the last three steps "fix" it just today after months of wondering what is happening. Thanks for a great app :) Miroslav
  2. Hello Another Cachly user just called me about a problem. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a solution, so I'm hoping for help here. The user has regularly saved photos in the Personal Notes of the caches on his old iPhone 7. So far everything has always worked. Now he has a new iPhone 13 and all the iPhone data was migrated normally. When he wanted to look at a picture in Cachly on the new iPhone, it shows the number of pictures that are stored in the Personal Note, but the pictures themselves are not displayed. Also when searching in the iCloud Drive folder, none of them can be found.... (checked on the iPhone and via browser). I first thought that in that case the pictures on the iPhone 7 were only stored locally (although the iCloud settings appear quite normal). Unfortunately, they are now suddenly not displayed on the iPhone 7 either. He then tried to reattach a photo in Personal Notes on the iPhone 7 to a different cache. Even that suddenly doesn't work anymore. The error message that appears says: "iCloud does not appear to be configured. Make sure iCloud for Cachly as well as iCloud Drive are enabled." (error message translated from German to English). Somehow we are clueless right now what is going on. On the one hand, it's about the loss of many attached spoiler images, which disappeared somewhere (1. priority). And on the other hand, the function can not be used normally even on the new iPhone 13. Does anyone have an idea where to look for these pictures (on the iPhone 7)? Or otherwise any idea what could be set wrong there in connection with iCloud Drive? As I said, in the iCloud settings, iCloud Drive is active normally, as it is on Cachly. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I am not sure if this is a feature I don't fully understand or a bug, and I wasn't able to find a topic that fully covered this. The problem: I like to create offline lists of my pocket queries by downloading them with 'Full Cache Data' and 'Download Images' turned on. The app then shows that it downloads all the cache data and logs, followed by the download of images. After all downloads are complete (i.e. showing >500MB of images in the 'Storage' -> 'Cache Images' Section), a cache that has logged images only shows however the image description, but the images itself are gray (See screenshot) and some of them have a thick green box around them. To actually see the image, I have to tap on it and then it will be downloaded (again), which makes it unusable off the grid. I would expect that with the fully downloaded PQ I would have already all images on my device and that no additional download would be necessary. Is there something wrong, or is there a setting that might interfere here? The basics: Iphone 11 Pro Max with FW 14.2 Cachly version 6.1.5 (2) Full Cache Data is turned OFF in settings for Live Search Thanks for the help and thanks for creating and maintaining such a great app!!!
  4. On my new iPhone 11 (not "pro"), each time - I visit a cache - I click "Images" the app crashes instantly.
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