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  1. Basically yes. I was trying to move my finds into an offline list. Right now I'm using offline "Found it" logging, it's working the same way for me. Cachly is changing my habits and that means, that it's a good app
  2. Hello, saving to a list does not work, when there's no cellular, nor wifi connection. It's quite often actually, when I need it. As in Groundspeak's Geocaching Classic, cachly can safely save at least details it already has - what I can see in the cache details, it's already on the device, there is no need to download anything. Thanks, Miro
  3. Use case: 1. search for a cache using a GC code 2. click on it, go to details 3. press ... 4. Save to offline list 5. select a list cachly offers to save cache details, including images, but NOT the map cachly should offer also map for saving, for example the standard 150 meters around it, or user selectable This map saving works if I use a map to search the caches, but not for a single one. Thanks, Miro