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  1. zemiak

    Add support for waymarks

    It's already mixed with Adventure Labs, so the door has been opened
  2. As with my Waymark feature request, 2 solutions - allow to jump to Whereigo player, maybe automatically selecting a downloaded cartridge connected with cache if this is even possible - or make whereigo playing a (paid) module in Cachly
  3. zemiak

    Add support for waymarks

    Quick(er) solution: show them on the map and let us jump to Waymarkly from the Cachly, same as with LAB stages I would also welcome if Waymarkly is integrated in Cachly as a paid module. That way Waymark support can profit from Cachly updates (pun intended)
  4. Hello, this would be fairly easy I guess. Please, allow the app to be installed via App store on a M(1,2,3,...) Mac machines. That would make my planning so much more comfortable :-) Thank you!
  5. Hello, I have discovered another bug when using "pull to refresh" in a cache detail page coming from a list. Steps to reproduce: create a list add there a cache with a personal note change the personal note on the web go to the list go to the cache detail from there pull to refresh --> the cache personal note is updated go back to the list go back to the cache details again --> the old personal note is there Thanks for taking a look at this, Miroslav
  6. Hello, when I refresh a single cache in a list with "pull to refresh", the images are lost - number of images drops to whatever single-digit number and they are grayed out. Steps to reporoduce: create a list add a cache there use "download images" from list three-dot menu go to the cache detail from the list use "download more images" ... now you have let's say 50 images use "pull to refresh" ... images are lost from cache detail go back to the list and again to the cache detail ... the images are there again This is quite annoying, and I found that the last three steps "fix" it just today after months of wondering what is happening. Thanks for a great app :) Miroslav
  7. zemiak

    Waymarkly integration

    Created an offline list in Waymarkly, shared directly to Cachly, and this is what I can see in Cachly when opening a Waymark detail:
  8. zemiak

    Waymarkly integration

    Ok, GpX is definitely an option when planning a trip ahead. Would it be possible to do a direct sharing from Waymarkly to Cachly for a quick look-and-grab walks? thanks
  9. zemiak

    Waymarkly integration

    Hello, I am sure, that you were thinking about it quite hard, but... I would love to have a sort of integration of Waymarking in Cachly. I have both apps, and they are like 1:1 copies, at least on the outside. At least, I would like to see waymarks on the Cachly map, as for Adventures and then after clicking, it would open the Waymarkly app. Other option would be even better, to integrate Waymarkly as a paid option in Cachly. I would love it myself, I like to have my offline lists prepared for a trip in one place and I do not like switching between apps for different geocaching games, I always tend to forget it and then I always miss some Adventure stage or sth. Thank you very much for considering, Miroslav
  10. zemiak

    gpsbabel format for Cachly

    Oh, thanks a lot. You spared me a lots of work. I did not know about this page
  11. zemiak

    Lab caches in the Cachly 6.2

    Frankly, geocaching.com's own Adventure app is not really consistent or dependable with the Found status. It happened to us (3 guys), that after completing one stage of a Adventure, the whole Adventure was marked as Completed, removed from the map and it was accessible only within the list of Adventures.
  12. zemiak

    gpsbabel format for Cachly

    Ah. Sorry, I did not want to bother you with this request, for sure. This is something, that 99.9% of the Cachly users do not care about. There is a Czech page, https://labgpx.cz, that is able to generate GPX files out of the Adventure lab caches - one artificial cache for a LAB stage. I live in a big city (this is relative :-D when compared to other countries), I like to go out and hunt for multiple LAB series, so I would like to have a single list for 2-3-4-whatever LAB cache stages. My friend used to use GSAK for importing the GPX and generating nice GPX files for Cachly out of it, but I have discovered gpslabel lately and wanted to try it out. As I said, nothing important and worthy of a true feature request, therefore I asked here in the forums. I can see now, I should have put it in General Questions, not here :-/
  13. zemiak

    gpsbabel format for Cachly

    Frankly, I have no idea. I have no access to GSAK, I’ve been just told, that I can prepare my Cachly lists there. But I’m on a Mac and have no access to GSAK. Anyway, I will try to generate something close to geocaching.com’s Pocket Query GPX and see whether that works or not.
  14. zemiak

    gpsbabel format for Cachly

    There is no other question. Then I have to dive in into C/C++ after long time. Thanks for the answer
  15. zemiak

    gpsbabel format for Cachly

    Hello, before trying to implement a new GPX/XML format variant, that is suitable for Cachly, I would like to ask, if there is sth like that already in place. gpsbabel uses LOC for geocaching format, and it can be imported by L4C, but not by Cachly. I am talking specifically about gpsbabel, not GSAK. Thanks!