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  1. c-ray242

    entering waypoints offline

    I red the other thread, thanks for mentioning it. I dont see a need for the waypoints to be uploaded to the website when you are caching offline. I tried it in Vienna where there must have been an endless amount of (locked) wifi signals around. I will try it with switching the phone to flight mode and see if that solves it. Altough I would prefer the app to store the waypoints on the phone when used offline.
  2. c-ray242

    entering waypoints offline

    Yes i got an error message, not 100% sure it was the 'time out' but its likely, it tried saving it for a while...without succes Their should not be a data network connection as I was caching offline. I put the data roaming off.
  3. When I tried Cachly offline and want to enter a next waypoint for a multi, I can enter the coordinates in the 'add waypoint' screen but it did not want to save it... Anybody a clue what could go wrong? Im using the iPhone 5SE, IOS 10.2.1, Cachly 2.0.3 (4) in Dutch, therefore some wording could be wrong ;-)