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  1. IDK, I jusr decided to delete the app and reinstall it and then it was back to working like it always did. Proably should have tried that first before posting here.
  2. Every time I select an Adventure Lab pin and select View in Adventure Lab I am taken to the App store. I click OPEN and it just opens the app to the last AL I was looking at, not the one corresponding to the location I selected in Cachly. Any idea how to get Cachly to actually open the AL app. It used to work and has not been working for me for quite some time. It must just be me because I have searched many places for other complaints and only found one other user comment on this issue. What am I doing wrong or how can I correct this? AL version 1.3.45 Build 3589 iPhone 13 pro V 16.1.2 Cachly 7.1.1 (1) Never mind - fixed it myself
  3. Just FYI to anyone who reads these forums and may be going to Bermuda. The offline map is the bomb. It shows you every bus stop so if you want to get off the bus anywhere on the islands, use the map and look at the bus stops. You'll know exactly where to ring the bell and where you will be dropped off. You'll look like a pro and not a tourist having to ask the driver to drop you off at such and such. It then gives you the freedom to explore anywhere on the islands because you can then look again to see where the bus stop will be to get back on the bus.Of course, you will still need to know which bus number to take as well as where to transfer if going off the main routes but this makes it so much easier!
  4. Looking for a Bermuda offline map. Is there one?
  5. Thank you Nic. This is easy enough to do manually and I have already tested and it works. My phone is set up to sync to iCloud and Cachly is enabled to do so. My phone is getting very old so that most likely has something to do with it. You have solved my issue and made me a happy cacher.
  6. I have tons of caches highlighted various colors. I mark field puzzles, night caches, bonus caches, large size, Y2000, Y2001, and they all are a different color. When I add then to an offline list the highlight doesn't come along over to the the list which makes all the work I've done on the live map useless. Is there a way to get the highlights to come over to the cache listings when adding them to an offline list? It does work when adding them to an online list. These highlights are incredibly helpful to me and I would like to have them on my offline list. It's time consuming to have to manually add them again. Am I missing something?
  7. I second having multiple highlights for caches. I highlight all caches of a certain year but then also caches that are a certain size or a field puzzle or night cache. If a cache meets two of these criteria (Year 07 & Large) I can only have one highlight so it gets whichever one I added most recently and overwrites the original. 2 would be useful. I only started using this feature within the last year. Prior to that I could never think why I would want to use it. Now it is something I can't live without and is super useful for tracking down specific caches I want to find while still seeing all unfound caches in the map view. I look for areas on the map that have a lot of highlighted caches. That's where I want to go caching for the day.
  8. A nice added feature would be to see at a glance the number of 'will attends' on an event. Would be much easier to know how many people were planning on attending. I would also love to be able to filter the logs by "Announcements". These always seem to get lost, especially on mega events and it would be handy to be able to see all of them in a filtered view just like 'my logs' and 'friends logs'.
  9. Thanks for this info. I have now figured it out for offline. Was really hoping it could be done on the live mapping.
  10. I have set up numerous highlights to easily mark night caches, Y2K caches, Field Puzzles, etc for easy viewing on the map. Is there a way to filter by a particular highlight color? I can't seem to figure out how to do it. Inquiring about using it with Live but would also be interested in how it is done online/offline List as well.
  11. Just thought I would provide an update. I couldn’t stand it any longer not having my premium offline maps so I deleted the app which deleted all the previously downloaded maps and started again and it is now working!! Yay. I ❤️ Cachly!
  12. Cachly version 6.1.2 (3) iOS 13.7 on iPhone 7 Offline Maps 1.28 GB Not sure when the app updated to the latest version but as mentioned it stopped working sometime after Wednesday 9/30 @ 15:29 which is the last log I recorded for the date. I don't believe it to be a phone storage issue as I deleted two of the offline maps and it still does not work. I also am not getting the check marks when I post a draft. Left image is offline premium - Right image is offline standard -third image is a dup I can't figure out how to delete.
  13. I have been using premium offline maps for quite some time and as recently as Wednesday 9/30. Beginning yesterday 10/1 they no longer work. I am able to use the standard offline maps with no issue. I have 4 states downloaded as the premium maps and none of them work for any state that I have selected. Oldest map download dare is 12/15/19 and newest is 9/29/20. Is anyone else having this issue. I logged out and back in and it is still the same. I just get a white screen with cache pins which is useless. I don't even get the outlines of other states for which I have not downloaded a map. I love the premium offline maps and would like to know what I can do to get them back. I have also noticed that the check marks are not being presented as well for caches for which I have created a draft. Any ideas/help will be welcomed. I don't understand what has changed. I did not make any settings changes.
  14. Thanks Nic! I look forward to this implementation.
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