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  1. Twinklekitkat

    Log Sorting

    Thanks Nic! I look forward to this implementation.
  2. Twinklekitkat

    Log Sorting

    When reading through logs you have the option to sort by newest/helpful/great story. Is there any way the logs could be sorted by friends so that if your friends found the cache you could sort the logs to see which ones found it? It would be easier than trying to scroll through all the logs looking for their names. Perhaps this can't be done due to API constraints but I think it would be very helpful. It could work the same as the View Logbook on geocaching.com where the logs are filtered to just those of your friends. It would also be great if on event caches you could sort by log type=announcements. Those tend to get buried and hard to find and usually contain some very important information. This is especially true on mega events that have been published for a few months.
  3. Twinklekitkat

    Coordinate Projection wrong

    Hey Nic, As always thanks for looking into this. I have sent an e-mail with the information. In the mean time I've changed the checker to accommodate this variance. I did notice in FizzyCalc if I changed the setting from High Accuracy to Rhumb Line I got the coordinates that Cachly calculated. Not sure what that means but thought Id mention it. The app iGCT also calculated the same as Cachly.
  4. Twinklekitkat

    Coordinate Projection wrong

    I just created a cache using a coordinate projection. I confirmed on 3 internet sites (geolifeline/geocaching toolbox/fizzy calc) the answer and have used the built in checker for the puzzle which does not allow for +/- error. It must be exact. Cachly's answer has rounded up the last digit of the West making solving via the app incorrect. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Granted, the difference is only about 6 feet and you can't access the checker anyway from the app but you could be using Cachly as your tool to solve the puzzle then verify with the checker on the website. Can this be looked in to?
  5. Twinklekitkat

    View on Geocaching.com

    Not trying to be obstinate but I do not get the options shown in the screen shot by @rragan. Must be iOS version related. I have an iPhone 7 running iOS 11.4.1 and DO NOT get these options. I did in previous versions. I am able to have links in e-mails open in geocaching.com but it is not "sticky". Cachly always opens the app with no way to change it. So as not to beat a dead horse I will drop it and just learn to live with it I guess. @Bolling what version iOS are you running?
  6. Twinklekitkat

    View on Geocaching.com

    Sorry, but it does not work that way. It used to but no longer does. Currently to open a notification from GC.com I can lightly press the link to get the website. If I hard press the link I will get the app. At least that is how it is currently working for me. I no longer get the words in the top right hand corner about opening in gc.com (coord info) if it opened in the app. I'm fine with that since I know how to open either way from a link in an e-mail. My issue is using the View on Geocaching.com feature from within Cachly. I want it to open a browser, not the app and there seems to be no way to make it stop opening the app.
  7. Twinklekitkat

    View on Geocaching.com

    That works but I'd like to skip the step of opening the geocaching.com app and go right to Safari from Cachly.
  8. Twinklekitkat

    View on Geocaching.com

    I used to have this option but it no longer exists and I am stuck with it opening in the app with no way to turn it off. iOS 11.4.1
  9. Twinklekitkat

    View on Geocaching.com

    Recently I was made aware of this feature which I hadn't been using - View on Geocaching.com. Yesterday I tried to use it but instead of opening Geocaching.com it opened the app. I wanted to view the page on the web site, not the app. Any ideas why this doesn't work or how I can make it work? It also happened when trying to view a trackables information. I wanted to see who the owner was as well as where/when it originated because Cachly doesn't provide that info. And one more thing, when a cache owner/placed date is longer than 45 characters it gets cut off at the end with ... Can a second line be added so all information can be viewed? Example: GC597B Just as an aside, these are minor annoyances (to me) that do not in anyway diminish my opinion of this fabulous app.
  10. Twinklekitkat

    Log Dates for TBs

    I've noticed this recently and was wondering why Cachly uses an actual date of a TB log versus the date recorded on the TB page. For example; I look up cache GC7Q73J and note there are 3 trackables currently listed in inventory. 2 of them were placed there by me. I look at the log history for TB7Z2DC and notice it says I grabbed it on 6/1. 6/1 is the date I created that log on Geocaching.com but is not the date I used for the log. I recorded the date on GC.com as 5/16, the actual date I received the trackable. Where is Cachly getting this date of 6/1? Technically, that is correct as the date I created the log but is not the date I want shown. Also, where can you view who is the owner of the trackable, it's release date as well as where it was released? Oh wait, I see Release Date in the Date Created field under More Info but the other two fields? Thanks in advance for your reply.
  11. Twinklekitkat

    View images link

    Thanks for fixing this with the latest update. 4.0 is freakin' sweet! This app only gets better and better. So many great additions!
  12. Twinklekitkat

    Photos viewing in offline mode

    I’m planning on caching using offline maps and an offline list. Will I be able to view any photos that are on the cache page? I’ve been trying to see what happens by putting my phone in airplane mode and I can navigate and see logs but cannot view the photos. Is this possible? Apologies if this has been asked before.
  13. Twinklekitkat

    View images link

    I will cite an example because this bothers me too. Look at GC3DYYT. There is a log on there dated 8/12/2017. It is very long and the link to the images is placed over top the previous finder's user name. So, sometimes, I can get the picture but most times I go to the previous finder's profile and then have to view the pictures another way. Thankfully this app is programmed so that if you choose just to view the photos it presents the most recent on top and provides the date. (of course only after any that may have been uploaded with the original publication of the cache). I've also noticed this behavior when using the "Logs" button across the bottom of the app. I tend to reread my logs (re-living the adventure. ) looking for spelling errors, etc. If there is a long log I've written I can't view all of it. For example my log on GC5X30V. It stops displaying with the phrase 'I'll certainly be' and then just abruptly ends. Hope this helps.
  14. I opened an event cache page for today and it says the last log was yesterday instead of today. All the attended logs are dated today so why does it say yesterday? I'm referring the the field 'Logs' that displays green dots for found and red for DNF. When I go to post a log the time is correct. It is currently 9:20 pm in the Eastern time zone if that matters.
  15. Twinklekitkat

    Blue Frown still on map

    You sir, are amazing! Thank you not only for your super fast response but for knowing just what to do. Problem solved! P.S. Did I mention this already? I love Cachly!