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  1. LBT


    hope youre working om this in 2019... I really would like these features for the multicaches.
  2. Hi what are the difference in three supporter, supporter+tip and supporter+large tip except for the Price?
  3. LBT


    Almost a year is past.. still no plans about this?? and what about the possiblity to calculate a multicache waypoint from the values of A, B, C and so on and a new result with the change of a value..
  4. Hey my pending logs/pending tb’s and offline lists on my iPhone is not viewable on my ipad, when I’m logged in with the same account - is it not possible to make changed on one device and see it on another... LBT
  5. LBT


    What is the planes with this?? its exactly like the ability i Geosphere I’m looking for - please make it possible in Cachly
  6. LBT

    Loading Caches

    It is when I'm loading Live caches - don't know if it might be a map loading problem instead It is slow both on wifi and LTE...
  7. I think that one of the big advantages in Cachly is that corrected coordinates is showed on the map... But I have noticed a problem - if the mystery cache is placed far away it will not load the corrected koordinat (the icon placed on the map) before you reach the place where the mystery icon orignally was placed... It is a very big problem because the 3 km rule hasn't always been there... I have solved a mystery very the icon is placed about 20.000 km from the corrected coordinate - these coorected coordinat will never show on the map.
  8. LBT

    Loading Caches

    The last month I have notiched, that the loading part is very slow and even some times it doesn't succed... It is very irretating that the loading of caches is that slow...
  9. LBT


    Hallo Yes, it would be very nice if it is possible to show the radius around all waypoints of a multicache and on the same map as all the other caches.
  10. LBT


    Hallo Is it possible to write in all the coordinates on multicaches and mark them with 160 m circle on the map, so you can see traditionals, mystery (corrected), multicaches (corrected + all the WP) on the same map.