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  1. I'll report here, the next time I use Cachly for navigation. May be a while
  2. I should explain I'm very poor at using Cachly. I normally cache using my car's navigator switching to a handheld GPSr when I'm near the destination. I only use Cachly for certain things. Yesterday I was using it for the first time in a while. From a map I knew about where the cache was. When I parked I selected it in Cachly and tried to use Cachly to go to the location. After I selected the cache I changed to what I think is the navigation screen. It pointed about 350' away. As I went toward the cache the line did not change. I expected the pointer/line to change as I walked toward where it was pointing like my handheld does, but it didn't. As it turned out I was nearer the cache initially. I finally realized I could watch the number of feet and that took me to the cache. If I had had to depend on the pointer I would have never found it. So, how is that pointer/line supposed to work?
  3. Thot

    Selecting cache from notification

    I mean text messages. I haven't been able to figure out how to select the link since it's hot if I touch is it goes to the cache page. But your suggestion works because I can get the link from the cache page and past it into the search. Thanks.
  4. I receive text notifications of new cache approvals. Is there a way to have Cachly select the cache in the text message?
  5. Thot

    New cache alert?

    Please do not take this as a snarky comment. I wondered how a radius from your location is different from your vicinity?
  6. I was updating a webpage just now and wanted to see how it looked on a phone. I used cachly to go to the page. I saw something that needed improving. I made the fix. But when I tried to view the fix I was unable to refresh the cache page. I had to remove cachly and reload it to refresh the page, so how is this done in Cachly?
  7. Thot

    Switching to Google Maps

    Thanks. That did it. Now I have trouble getting back to the main Live screen.
  8. I may have asked this before. If so, I don't remember the answer. Once I'm navigating to a cache, how do I switch to Google Maps for turn by turn navigation?
  9. Thot

    Benchmarking on Cachly

    After you choose your state and county it can take several minutes for it to create the list of benchmarks -- see attached screen capture for what the list looks like. I've never seen this step fail. After that you select some number of marks and download them. If it fails you selected too many, try again with fewer. I then combine the bites in a text editor (Notepad in Windows). I'm not sure it' necessary but I remove the extraneous stuff.
  10. Thot

    Benchmarking on Cachly

    I can't download my county in one bite either. After you choose the county and get the list of benchmarks you do them a piece at a time. Highlight part of the list and download that, then take another bite, etc until you get the entire county. You have to keep track of where you started and stopped last time to avoid duplication.
  11. Thot

    Navagation Screen doing weird things

    It seems you have to tap the arrow button for each cache. Is that correct?
  12. Thot

    Was unable to get back to the Live screen

    I have now updated to the latest version, but I will not be able to replicate the failure because I had never experienced it before. I may have mentioned this in a prior post, but I normally only use Cachly when I'm at a cache I can't find and need to look for spoiler pictures and logs. Today was the second time I had used it to go to a cache and I used it for 3 caches, because they were not in my Nuvi or handheld. . I was only able to use the distance to go to them. It was the third cache where this thing happened, so Cachly had worked properly twice earlier.
  13. Thot

    Navagation Screen doing weird things

    There is the more button and the arrowhead on the bottom right. Do you mean the arrowhead? Cachly version number I suggest you explain in Posting Guidelines and in your online help where the version is iOS version 12.1.4 Device that you are using iPhone Screen that issue is happening on and if you can replicate it If you are a Regular or Premium user of geocaching.com Premium GC code if your question is about a specific cache
  14. Thot

    Was unable to get back to the Live screen

    There was no back button/arrow and yes I clicked the Live box on the bottom left
  15. Thot

    Navagation Screen doing weird things

    Which button?