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  1. DerLakaiMS

    "cachly-07-14-2018-2203.txt" is not in the correct format.

    This seems to be a recurring issue, pending logs with incomplete date. Had this multiple times on the same cache a week ago but unfortunately not fully reproducible
  2. if I may in German: "Ausstehend Logeinträge" bekommt man, wenn man beim loggen "Logeintrag jetzt senden" deaktiviert. Dann wird der Eintrag mit all seinen Einstellungen lokal gespeichert und kann später modifiziert und zu geocaching.com gesendet werden. Wenn man "Als Entwurf speichern" aktiviert wird aus dem Logeintrag ein "Draft" oder "Entwurf" auf geocaching.com (das waren früher die field notes). Mir ist klar dass die Bezeichnung nicht sehr klar ist, zumal viele Benutzer bei geocaching.com die Englischen Begriffe nutzen und somit vieles durcheinander geht. Wenn du eine besssere Idee hast melde dich gerne, dann baue ich das in die deutsche Übersetzung ein. viele Grüße, DerLakaiMS
  3. DerLakaiMS

    Include TB dips in Templates

    I like the idea to connect the TB visits with templates, this could be the best UI idea on this old topic.
  4. DerLakaiMS

    Please bring back the always-on map scale

    On iOS 11 the scale is only shown while you zoom (not while panning)
  5. DerLakaiMS

    Please bring back the always-on map scale

    I was always missing the always-on map scale, my workaround is to have cache radius on which gives some sort of scale to the map. A bit confusing at first, but you get used to it.
  6. DerLakaiMS

    Would be nice

    I like the idea of grouping TBs - this would allow to have them visit by group, that would also solve my long standing problem of quickly logging visits for my tracking TBs.
  7. DerLakaiMS

    Photos viewing in offline mode

    The photos which are part of the cache description will be downloaded with the log photos from version 3.1.
  8. DerLakaiMS

    Prompt before closing Cache Notes

    Excellent, was sometimes losing information when closing since the change to the current implementation as well.
  9. DerLakaiMS

    Tap & zoom feature

    I support this request!
  10. DerLakaiMS

    Archiving an event

    I guess the greyed out button is misleading - it is still possible to log by pressing the button, it is just greyed out to indicated you have found the cache already. IMHO this is not the best UI here, as "greyed out" usually means "not available", which is not the case here.
  11. DerLakaiMS

    Complete Offline Content

    I guess this refers mostly to the images in the listing which are not hosted by Groundspeak.
  12. DerLakaiMS

    Background Picture.

    Nic, Couldn't you make an entry like "open background image in safari" in the ... menu? Thomas
  13. DerLakaiMS


    I guess this is basically requires to calculate the deviation between the coordinate system and the magnetic north based on the current location, as done e.g. in http://www.geomag.nrcan.gc.ca/calc/mdcal-en.php