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    Update Offline Lists

    @Wigoweb - your initial question came through. There are a few duplicate posts with the same question. See some response in this thread.
  2. Team DEMP

    Update Offline Lists

    Not 100% clear on what you mean about an offline list being updated. I'm a beta user so I've been using the 3.0 release for a while so not sure what you experienced today. Did you happen to update Cachly in the last 2 days with the new 3.0 release or your iPhone auto updated it? If so, it could be that 3.0 handles offline lists differently and this was a one-time update of that info. Regarding the corrected coordinates and GSAK, I have to again make an assumption you'd need to confirm. That assumption is you use GSAK Corrected Coordinate field and you generated the GPX you loaded into Cachly from GSAK. If that's the case, the corrected coordinate is handled differently in the GSAK approach vs the Geocaching.com approach, and when you updated the cache from geocaching.com, there was no corrected coordinate there. This GSAK corrected coordinate approach goes back years as geocaching.com had issues with corrected coords and GSAK provided their own solution. I brought this up to the GSAK community and it seems you can run a macro that will update geocaching.com with the GSAK corrected coordinate so geocaching.com and any update (individual ot included in a larger GPX) generated by geocaching.com should handle it as you'd expect. The new macro on the GSAK site is at http://gsak.net/board/index.php?showtopic=32407&st=0&#entry243331 / http://gsak.net/board/index.php?act=Attach&type=post&id=243426 I hope some of the above helps.
  3. Team DEMP

    App Store Feedback

    Might you want to call out ... Basic Geocaching.com member restrictions do apply. They are not Cachly restrictions.
  4. Team DEMP

    App Store Feedback

    Once 3.0 was released, I edited my earlier 5 star review so it now shows tied to the current release.
  5. Team DEMP

    Show more than one offline map at once

    In the Europe Offline Map Download list there's North Europe and South Europe that might cover the area you have in 1 download or all in 2 downloads but they are large files 1GB-1.8GB each.
  6. Team DEMP

    Cache Waypoints - Adding for Multi Cache

    The waypoint is just for you - your user account. You can remove them if you want by swiping the waypoint to the left and selecting Delete or adjust it by swiping left and selecting Edit.
  7. Team DEMP

    Private Training Caches on Scout Camps

    Gary - if you need any help creating a gpx file to import into Cachly, let me know. Maybe I can help, though I'm traveling the next couple days. Team DEMP (aka K2DSL)
  8. Team DEMP

    Opening an Offline List

    Swipe the list name left and select Delete.
  9. Team DEMP

    Opening an Offline List

    When you launch Cachly it defaults to live view. Click Offline at the bottom to open your lists saved on your phone. I've been traveling the last few days without cellular service available in the area and when I launch Cachly I'm not asked to log in but it goes to Live view and tries to display but won't. Just click Offline and open your offline list. Make sure you also downloaded offline maps.
  10. Team DEMP

    Display only traditional caches

    There was a lot of very vocal feedback on the geocaching.com forums. I mentioned in my first post there are ways to get around some of the constraints, and with you being a premium member, you can create a pocket query and have her download it to her device and use that offline download vs the "live" view. My understanding is that she will still be able to see all of the caches in the Pocket Query/PQ/GPX you send her. Just make sure, if you are filtering out caches you found already in the PQ and she hasn't found them, they wouldn't be in the downloaded PQ. If you are going out together but just logging the same caches under separate accounts, then I'd expect your PQs are fine for her. You can also do things like create an offline list yourself within cachly and then share that offline list with her through email, etc. vs create a pocket query ahead of time. Because I am premium, the above is my understanding but not something I've done. If you try the above, do it ahead of time and make sure she can view the offline caches for all the D/T and cache types you will go after.
  11. Team DEMP

    Display only traditional caches

    Your daughter using the basic (free) geocaching.com account will only see traditional caches. There's nothing in Cachly causing this - it's how Groundspeak treats basic members. If you want access to the same caches as you have, you need to upgrade her to Premium membership too. She would see the same caches using the official Geocaching app. Your daughter can see those other caches on the web site, but not the smartphone app including geocaching's official smartphone app. If you log out of your premium account for a moment or open an incognito browser window and go to https://payments.geocaching.com/?upgrade=true you can see the difference between Basic (free) and Premium (paid) memberships. At the top you'll see icons that show All D/T and cache types are available to both via the web (monitor) but not for basic/free members on the smartphone. The smartphone icon is only listed under premium.
  12. Team DEMP

    Display only traditional caches

    You are a premium member and your daughter is a basic member so Groundspeak doesn't enforce the same restrictions on you that your daughter's basic account has to operate under. You can see any cache type, and D/T and view a lot more (1000's) of caches per day from within the Cachly (or official geocaching.com) iPhone app. If you want to reset your search criteria to make sure there's no filter in place, on the main Cachly screen click the gear icon on the right of the search box and in the Search Options screen that is displayed, click Reset in the top left. You can then adjust any settings again vs the default that the reset selected.
  13. Team DEMP

    Display only traditional caches

    What your daughter is seeing isn't a restriction with Cachly but a restriction enforced Groundspeak/geocaching.com. Groundspeak limits the cache type, difficulty/terrain rating caches and number of caches displayed per day. There are ways to get around some of these restrictions but you'll need to prep data and caches outside of Cachly and then bring caches over as offline data. At least I think that will work with a basic account. This was Groundspeaks way of still allowing people to play for free but in a very limited way.
  14. Team DEMP

    Can't log a trackable

    I don't have one to test with but in Cachly, at the bottom of the main screen, click Trackables. Enter the code of the TB at the top and go from there.
  15. Team DEMP

    Status update

    This status update also does not count against any API limits.
  16. Team DEMP

    Corrected coord icon + "GSAK notes"

    For those using GSAK, it seems there's now a macro you can run, on a cache by cache basis, to update the geocaching.com site with the corrected coordinates entered in GSAK. This should allow geocaching.com, project-gc and Cachly to use those coordinates to display the cache in its adjusted location. I started the thread on the GSAK forum after multiple individuals here and on FB were dealing with corrected coords when leveraging GSAK. Post in discussion thread: http://gsak.net/board/index.php?showtopic=32319&st=0&#entry243332 Macro: http://gsak.net/board/index.php?showtopic=32407&st=0&#entry243331 What I'm not sure yet is if someone is creating the GPX directly from GSAK, if you'll get the corrected coords if you were previously using the suggested GSAK method. It might work if GSAK is refreshed (gc.com --> GSAK) with the cache info after the corrected coords are sent to the geocaching site (GSAK --> gc.com).
  17. Team DEMP

    Use tomtom navigator

    Are you using TomTom Go? If so check out http://www.cach.ly/support/index.php?/topic/140-tomtom-go/#comment-1291
  18. Team DEMP

    "Negative" attribute tags not showing negation in text

    I don't mind it doesn't say "No..." The red circle tells me no.
  19. Team DEMP

    API limitation

    The Groundspeak API has a limit of 30 requests over 60 seconds.
  20. Team DEMP

    Corrected coord icon + "GSAK notes"

    What are reasons not to do it on the site as a corrected coord? I know in the past there were reasons - are they still the same today? When you use sites like geocaching.com, project-gc.com and apps like Cachly, how do you communicate the final coord if it's just an attribute in GSAK? Was your GPS or a GPX file getting it out of an export macro?
  21. Team DEMP

    Corrected coord icon + "GSAK notes"

    I haven't had time to do anything but yes, if you update the corrected coords on geocaching.com (directly or through Cachly), it should be handled across the board including GSAK.
  22. Team DEMP

    Filter Options for 3.0

    Wowzer!! Container Type = Container Size? How is date filtering going to be handled? As an example, one might search for a cache in Jan 2001 vs a specific date such as Jan 3 2001. Also, one might look for any cache on Jan 3 regardless of year. Will the filtering support those? For filtering by distance, will it be current location/coords only or a means of specifying a different reference point? Is the Found & DNF filter meant if the cacher has found it or not found it vs other cacher logs types? For consistency, Cachly's screen calls them Photos and not images. Is State only US State or throughout geocaching.com does State represent Province or something outside of North America? Text searches are case insensitive? For Numeric, not sure if an additional option is "between" which could save adding a 2nd filter of the same type. Eg Terrain between 2.5 & 4.5 vs Terrain >= 2.5 and Terrain <=4.5 . I often ignore T5 caches because by me they are boating/kayak caches.
  23. Team DEMP

    Challenge cache identifier

    Challenge caches are mystery caches as far as Geocaching.com treats them. As far as interfacing thru the API, I would expect nothing different. Most challenge caches have the posted coordinates as the cache location vs a mystery challenge that normally has the posted coordinates not matching where the cache is placed. What makes it a "challenge" is you need to satisfy some requirement such as find 7 different cache types in a day or find a cache in 20 different states or find 7 caches that total more than 500 favorite points, etc. A challenge cache is now one that provides a way to validate the challenge has been met through a script at Project-GC usually by a link placed on the cache page. You can sign the log and claim a find on the cache if you meet the requirement and find the cache. You can always sign the log but you can't claim it as found on gc.com until the challenge criteria is met. http://project-gc.com/Tools/Challenges?map is where you can find them and the site tries to pre-determine which you qualify for. Use https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC40H0A_frankenstein-challenge as an example. The coordinates for that cache are the coordinates of where the cache container is located. You can see a link in the cache page on the right side to the Challenge Checker on the PGC site. Sometimes they are just in the body of the cache page. If you click it, you are taken to the PGC site ( http://project-gc.com/Challenges/GC40H0A/11154 ) and you can run the checker for yourself and see if you qualify. The output from the checker will tell you yes or no and usually show you the info you might need to paste into your log to prove to the cache owner you qualified for the challenge.
  24. Team DEMP

    Challenge cache identifier

    Just an idea to consider. What I do for challenge caches which I qualify is I update the posted coord on GC.com with the same coord. GC, Project GC and Cachly treated is corrected coords. This trick shows a triangle in Cachly even though the coords are the original. I use Project-GC for seeing what challenges as I qualify for and then update the coordinates on the gc.com site for the challenge cache. There's no distinction between a solved mystery and a qualified challenge, but the indication would show it might be worth going after. Just a thought you could do in the interim if a more permanent solution was coming.
  25. Team DEMP

    UTM Coordinates

    Why use UTM on your GPS as the standard for Geocaching is WGS84? If you create a cache on geocaching.com aren't the coordinates provided in WGS84 format? Anyway, you can more easily get to the geocaching.com page from Cachly without having to separately launch a browser, go to geocaching.com and search on the GC code. Instead, with the cache selected, click the 3 ... in the top right and select View on Geocaching.com and it should launch that cache in your browser.