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  1. Outdoorlover

    Feature requested

    A couple of times when working with offline lists I have accidentally deleted a cache. Is there any way to recover a deleted cache?
  2. Outdoorlover

    iPhone downloads transfer to iPad?

    OK thanks. It would be nice to have a sync option for multiple platforms.
  3. I have downloaded maps and caches to my phone for offline use. Do they transfer to the iPad app or must everything be downloaded again?
  4. Outdoorlover

    Finding present location

    No, this is one of the "intuitive" things that I didn't know about. This should help. Thanks!
  5. Outdoorlover

    Finding present location

    This has probably been addressed before and I apologize. When I turn on Cachly there are often cache symbols obscuring the present location circle. In zooming in I lose the circle. Is there a way to zoom in on present location, then widen the search gradually to include nearby caches?