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  1. Mark

    Add "empty" Fieldnotes

    Yes. I deleted the old list of caches, started new, "logged" one cache, exported to iCloud Drive, opened in Windows and still the same. Then I did the same using Dropbox and it works as expected. Exporting after that again to iCloud worked too. I did a little test. Exporting to iCloud: "null" Then exporting to Dropbox: " ". Then I deleted all drafts and started new: Exporting to Dropbox: "null" Then exporting to iCloud: " ". It seems like there is something weird in the export.
  2. Mark

    Add "empty" Fieldnotes

    I log a cache and just save the entry (no sending to geocaching.com). Then I export the find to a text file. It ends up like this: GC8AV78,2020-09-21T09:46Z,Found it,"(null)" It should look like this: GC8AV78,2020-09-21T09:46Z,Found it," "
  3. Mark

    Add "empty" Fieldnotes

    I use fieldnotes just to "save" a cache for later logging via GSAK. Normally my logtext in Cachly is empty. Only when I take trackables I write something like "TB out" in the text. GSAK shows logs with a text bolded which makes them recognizable. Now Cachly adds "(null)" to every empty log. Is it possible to stop Cachly from doing this and just add a completely empty log?
  4. Mark

    GSAK Import

    I'd love to be able to import my GSAK database directly into Cachly. Since both use SQLite, transforming data directly from one database to the other should be possible. Without exporting GPX from GSAK, importing it into Cachly and putting it back into an SQLite database. It is possible to use GSAK databases in e.g. L4C.