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  1. Scarch

    Many app restarts if the app is in background

    I have this same problem, but I’m still using an iPhone 6...that will change very soon :) possibly within hours Cachly has shut down when I switch to another app to grab text, navigate with a map program, check a web page, answer a text, etc i’ve been experiencing it for about 9mos - year. I have shutdown all apps and also removed all photos, and restarted the phone to free up as much resource as possible My next solution is new phone, wanted to see if there is any further actons I can take to avoid the occurrence on the new device
  2. Scarch

    Enter coordinate yanking

    Excellent, Thank you any projection on 2.1 date? BTW, I love the app! Saved my life after the GC classic was disabled, and I prefer it over both GC apps.
  3. Scarch

    Enter coordinate yanking

    Further attempt. I copied a previously saved local location (from cachly), did a search, cachly dropped the pin in Puerto Rico so this is a recent problem
  4. Scarch

    Enter coordinate yanking

    iPhone 6 IOS 10.2.1 it appears to happen every time I believe it worked prior to today. Restarted phone. bere's an example. It appears after pasting, the coordinates are transposed. what I pasted: N 029° 48.794', W 095° 23.668' copied coordinates from cachly pin: N 029° 48.794', W 095° 23.668' location of pin in photo is wrong location. inrestarted my phone, then I pasted different coordinates, and pin is dropped in the wrong area (same area as the screen shot)
  5. Scarch

    Enter coordinate yanking

    I'm running into similar problems. I've copied coordinates from an email, manually typed coordinates, and also dropped a pin in cachly and selected copy coordinates dates; after which I pasted into cachly search. Cachly responds by dropping a pin about 20 miles away.