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  1. Does GCHQ tell developers when they change things or is catch-as-cache-can? (see what I did there?)
  2. [Nic] Yes, it will do a merge. _____________________________________________ The above copy/paste is from 2017 when the same problem arose. My current issue again has to do with the description being overwriten and not merged with what previoiusly existed. The change in the description update is my concern.
  3. I regularly use gpx files that I create in iCaching and import into Cachly using Dropbox. There's a field in iCaching called "My Note" (not to be confused with "Personal Cache Note" on gc.com) that would import into Cachly and show up in the cache description. In Cachly 5.2.2 a gpx import from iCaching still shows the My Note information, but now the little red triangles denoting solved puzzles are gone. If I update a cache within Cachly the red triangle magically appears, but now the "My Note" data is gone. If I use a "gpx w/ iCaching extensions" for the import the red triangles show up, but not the My Note information. This same problem occurred when v3.x was released and was subsequently fixed, but now it's back. And just for the record, I've always used the gpx export option in iCaching (as opposed to the gpx with iCaching extensions) and solved puzzles were correctly identified on the map.
  4. hidegoseek

    Merge info

    Way back in v 2.1 an issue was fixed wherein an update to a cache would merge the update with existing information. With today's 5.2.2 update it appears that any update to a cache overwrites existing data. Is it supposed to do this?
  5. I wonder how HQ keeps track of premium member logs. For example, suppose a premium member favorites a cache but then drops out of geocaching and is no longer a premium member. Would his favorite point still be counted as a premium member log? I agree that would be the best of both worlds. That said, as I started to investigate favorite points, percentages, etc. I remembered that Project-gc calculates a "Wilson Score" that utilizes favorite points and the number of premium member logs on a cache. I don't fully understand the Bernoulli parameter math, but I'm going to play around with Wilson scores some more.
  6. I'm not sure that percentage is the best metric when planning a trip and looking for favorited caches. I have a cache with 100% favorites, but there have only been 4 finders so far. I think cachers would rather look for my cache that has 67 favorite points (but only 26%).
  7. Good news. Hopefully, it doesn't happen again.
  8. I often use the parking pin for navigating and it works for me. I just tried it for GC217J4 and was able to tap the parking waypoint on the map, then set it as a target in the "•••" menu. Maybe restart Cachly, update the cache page, etc. etc. and try it again. Good luck.
  9. Perfect. I have a short trip planned for tomorrow so I'll be an expert in 24 hours. LOL One more observation (for now): Cachly shows up as an option to add to the activity watch face, but is noticeably absent for the new infographics face.
  10. The resets didn't work, so I uninstalled Cachly on the phone and reinstalled it. Then it worked. Whew. Now to learn how to use the interface by tomorrow, e.g. arrow?
  11. I've been trying to add Cachly to my Apple Watch Series 4. On the iPhone settings for the watch Cachly shows up under the "available apps" section, but tapping on the install button only results in an endless spinning thingy. The watch is up to date with watchOS 5.0.1.
  12. When the official geocaching app came out with a proximity alert I turned it off immediately because I thought it was annoying. That said, I wouldn't mind having a silent haptic feedback feature on the Apple watch app.
  13. Before you delete the app (for future reference) you can create a backup file found under the "more" tab, save it to dropbox, then reload your lists when you reinstall Cachly.
  14. There's a geocache for that: GC16XYD
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