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  1. I am experiencing exactly the same issue with flickering custom tile maps when I am navigating to a geocache. The issue is the same with any tiled map, also OSM. Cachly is redrawing, and possible downloading, the same tiles again and again, with the flickering as result. Extremely annoying! I guess this is another IOS 15 issue. i am using an iPhone 11 Pro, IOS 15.0.1 and Cachly 7.0.5.
  2. Thank you, I have tested it. It works just great.
  3. In our country, Norway, that would be to use the best map data available for free. That would not be OSM. The map above is based on open and free data.
  4. I am extremely happy with that result! Great work!
  5. I just shared this URL: http://opencache.statkart.no/gatekeeper/gk/gk.open_gmaps?layers=topo4&zoom={z}&x={x}&y={y}. This is open and free data, really the maps that everyone in Norway would like to use for Geocaching.
  6. I really hope that you will consider 2X. The tile URL showed in Cachly in the above screendump is http://opencache.statkart.no/gatekeeper/gk/gk.open_gmaps?layers=topo4&zoom={z}&x={x}&y={y}. The other screenshot showing the same map in 2X is From the app ┬źNorgeskart┬╗, available for free in App Store. Yes, I have used the premium offline maps for geocaching a couple of times, when I have been without Internet access. Unfortunately I do not find them very usable either. I would instead prefer to download raster tiles to my device instead, like in You van do in the app CacheBird.
  7. Sorry Nic, Google Maps and Apple Maps are not usable for Geocaching at all. I prefer to use the best maps available for free. In my country, Norway, that is the official maps from the Norwegian Mapping Authority. The maps is raster tiles, not vector tiles. They CSN be added to Cachly as custom maps. With raster tiles there is not possible to change Thingstad like font size, line width and so on in the client. Therefore I would like to see 2X. I am really dissapointed about the legibility of maps in Cachly in general, almost not usable at all. Everything else In Cachly is splendid. Have a look at a couple of screenshots from the same map service, shown in two apps, one of them Cachly. Does this need more explanation?
  8. Cachly is really my favourite geocaching app with tons of nice features. Unfortunately all of the maps are close to unreadable for normal people like me on a retina type of display on iPhones. I would like to see a 2x map display, to be able to read detailed and beautiful maps that can be added to Cachly, to assist is in our hunt for geocaches!
  9. This is actually the only feature that I am currently missing in Cachly. The legibility on all types of maps are very poor in 1x, even on iPad. The iOS accessibility options increases the zoom to possibly 1.25x, far from enough. And a general zoom of the entire IOS UI is actually not what I want. The map is the only problem.
  10. I have just moved from CacheBird to Cachly 5.0. Custom Tile maps are really important to me, as I want to use the best maps available. But I am really missing the 2X Map Scaling option from CacheBird in Cachly. The maps in Cachly are really hard to read on the high resolution screen on my phone, as they are displayed in 1X (1 pixel in the tile image is displayed as 1 pixel on the screen). The problem is the same with all kind of maps, Google, Apple, OSM and my custom maps. I would therefore like to see a 2X Map Scaling also in Cachly (1 pixel in the tile image is displayed as 4 pixels on the screen). 2X maps are far more readable, but of cause a little more blurry as the are resampled. I am attatching 3 screen dumps from my phone, 1X and 2X maps from CacheBird and 1X from Cachly.
  11. Yes, I have saved them as pending logs. At the end of my geocaching day I am using the bulk send option.
  12. I am used to start all my fount it logs with my find number and the time of day, e.g. #8072@17:26. In my log template I have therefore added two keywords: #*|find_count|*@*|time_short|*. Strangely enough *|find_count|* for my first draft of the day displays my current number of finds, not the number of finds this particular log will become. The next drafts increases the number of finds with one. Because of this, I have to correct the find number in all my logs manually before they are posted to geocaching.com. Is this a bug in Cachly, or am I doing something wrong?
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