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  1. A friend of mine verified it was caused by GC API. The same problem occurred when uploaded on GC website.
  2. Yes, we can send and read logs in Japanese.
  3. In Japanese version, caption of photos, “Log photo uploaded using Cachly”, got garbled as shown in attached. It seems that Cachly can’t handle two bytes characters, like Japanese or Chinese, properly in uploading photos. In order to avoid this problem, it would be better not to translate the caption into Japanese or to leave caption blank.
  4. When I chose Permanently Archive in 3.0.2 (4), the attached alert appeared and couldn't archive. It says Error in Japanese.
  5. I was about to post the same request.
  6. Language to be used in current Cachly depends on iOS language. But "Select Language" in settings of Cachly would be nice. I heard L4C has such feature.
  7. The point is Cachly doesn't zoom to fit screen whatever the device is, not like Geocaching Classic app. I think the resolution of souvenir is high enough.
  8. I asked other users in Japan and found they had same issue. The size displayed seems to depend on the resolution. The image previously posted was 7 plus. This one is 6s.
  9. Souvenir images are displayed very small. Zoom to fit screen would be nice.
  10. Attached the screenshots of Cachly and official app. Will it be my setting issue?
  11. Sorry if this request already posted. I have difficulty in knowing which trackable is which when retrieving from cache. It will be easier to distinguish which is which if default image of trackable appears on screen like official app.
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