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  1. ady73

    Vector maps

    I am caching i europe. I live in switzerland near to the borders of austria and Lichtenstein. This was just an idea. It is no problem if this is not possible. Thank you for your perfect support!!!
  2. ady73

    Vector maps

    Hi Nic I love the vector maps. This is great new feature. Would it be possible to show 2 different vector maps at the same time? This could be helpful, if you are caching alongside of the edge of a vector map.
  3. ady73

    PQ pictures

    Before i ask my question i want thank you for the 2.0 version. I really love this app. I have just a question regarding PQ. I have downloded a PQ. Everithing works perfect, but somehow i can't see the pictures. When i open the picture folder i can the name of the picture but not itself. This happens when i use cachly offline. Attached a sample.
  4. ady73


    Is it possible to use the app on the iPad? Or will this be possible in the 2.0 version?
  5. ady73

    safari extension for cachly

    Hi Nic First i want to thank you for your brilliant app and your good support. Do you have an update about the safari extension fot cachly?
  6. I'm looking for a way to open a cache from safari (for example when i get a new coord.info link) in cachly. I know that other apps have a safari extension to open the cache in the app. Is it planned to create a safari extension for cachly, or do you know a quick way to open a new cache in cachly?