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  1. Nic Hubbard

    safari extension for cachly

    Sorry Bernie, for some reason I was never alerted about this reply. No, this wouldn't be possible because Groundspeak owns the the coord.info domain, and without being the owner we cannot open those links in Cachly.
  2. Nic Hubbard

    safari extension for cachly

    Users should be first! We have not started work on this feature yet as our we are working on many other features in 2.0. Hopefully we could add it soon.
  3. Nic Hubbard

    Constant crashing

    When you had issues, it was during startup? I want to make sure to try to get to the bottom of this, even if it isn't happening anymore.
  4. Nic Hubbard

    Needs Maintenance returns error

    Groundspeak was gracious enough to work on this issue and it should now be fixed. I just tested it on a cache that wasn't mine and it worked. Let me know if you guys have success.
  5. Nic Hubbard

    User Find Count

    This is a known bug that will be fixed in 2.0. Sorry about that!
  6. Nic Hubbard

    Decrypt hint

    Ah yes. Very interesting!
  7. Nic Hubbard

    Decrypt hint

    Oh interesting. What are the GC codes?
  8. Nic Hubbard

    Decrypt hint

    Correct. Caches are already decrypted, but you can turn on the Settings option to encrypt them. Then for each cache you would have to choose the decrypt option.
  9. Nic Hubbard

    Constant crashing

    Thank you!
  10. Nic Hubbard

    Constant crashing

    Could you email the video to support@cach.ly?
  11. Nic Hubbard

    Constant crashing

    Can I assume that it always crashes when you have tapped an offline list and it is trying to load the map? Looking in our error logs I am seeing your crash so I will get working on fixing it. Is this an Offline List that you could share with me, such as a bookmark list or PQ? If not, how did you create it? I want to try to replicate it on my system.
  12. Nic Hubbard

    Color Scheme

    I will see what we can do about adjusting that color and still making it fit with the look of the app.
  13. Nic Hubbard

    Constant crashing

    Very sorry that this is happening! We have not seen this issue before and have not had any other reports of this happening, so I want to get to the bottom of it. A few questions: What is your GC username? Does it always crash on startup? If not, did it consistently crash in one spot in the app? Where? Are you offline, on Wifi or cell data? What iPhone do you use? Thanks, and again, very sorry about this issue.
  14. Nic Hubbard

    PQ and cache notes.

    Correct. It is not yet in the current beta. Hopefully this week. Yes, there is a beta users forum, do you see it?
  15. Nic Hubbard

    Newbee questions

    The major reason you see a preview of the text after the "Cache Note" label is so that you know you have entered text in there. That is the reason. It is a visual way, other than the icon to see the text. I do not think it detracts in any way and is only an advantage. I have never seen the distance be wrong either. Can you replicate this?
  16. Nic Hubbard

    When logging a find include the owner's name

    When logging you can just use the *|owner_name|* keyword (press and hold for the option or tap the ... button) to automatically insert the owners username into your log. You can also create a Log Text default in Settings so that you never have to do this manually!
  17. Nic Hubbard

    Hidden logging when attaching TB logs

    This has not been forgotten! It will be fixed in our 2.0 update coming later this month.
  18. Nic Hubbard

    Color Scheme

    Are you having a hard time seeing it?
  19. Nic Hubbard

    PQ and cache notes.

    Yes, we currently use the same .gpx files. In our 2.0 version we will be using a different method where you will no longer have this problem and the PQ will have all the data you are looking for.
  20. Nic Hubbard

    Newbee questions

    I agree. In our new 2.0 version (currently in beta) Personal Cache note has taken new prominence. First, a new icon is shown on the map callout, list view and cache details view if that cache has a cache note. And, the Cache note has been moved into the list along with Description, Hint, etc. If there already is a cache note it will show a preview of that note. I think you will be happy with how it works. If you are interested in beta testing it and giving me feedback, just contact support through the app and let us know.
  21. Nic Hubbard

    Pending Logs

    Bulk uploading will come in our 2.0 version. For the find count keyword, it is a tricky thing to keep working since there are many ways that logs can get created: Create log, save Pending Log to device, submit field note to geocaching.com. Field notes on geocaching.com could then be deleted later, further throwing off the number. So, we are working on the issue any trying to get it working correctly.
  22. Nic Hubbard

    Trackable Movement

    This is a bug. We will get this fixed for 2.0. Thanks for reporting it!
  23. Nic Hubbard

    Corrected Coordinates

    We will be fixing Cachly to work this way in 2.0.
  24. Nic Hubbard

    Geowoodstock 14er Cachly Presentation

    For those that are interested, here is the Cachly presentation that I did from Geowoodstock 14er: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2g5rBQYKCiI
  25. Nic Hubbard

    Is there a basic features guide?

    For those that were interested, here is the Cachly presentation from Geowoodstock 14er: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2g5rBQYKCiI