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  1. msebn

    Trackables in cache link

    OK - here's an update of sorts. I was previously viewing the cache from an offline list and then tapping the Trackable link; this was not working.... Viewing the same cache via the live map, then tapping the Trackable link works fine. I live and learn but a possible UI tweak?
  2. msebn

    Trackables in cache link

    Hmmm..Thanks for confirming that at least. Have just tried again now - (GC2Y1XW) - showing 3 Trackables. Tap on the Trackables field and the background greys to show a tap event, but does not navigate to inventory page. Related, yet unrelated, the Favorites button works fine. For the record, the device is an 8s running iOS11.2.5. Certainly no biggy, but a niggle. Any other possible causes?
  3. msebn

    Trackables in cache link

    Since the recent upgrade, it seems I can no longer tap on the 'Trackables' heading in the cache description to see a list of the trackables currently in the cache.
  4. Apologies if this has been raised elsewhere - I have had a look, but cannot see a similar mention - but what are cachers' thoughts on a feature to capture/input a coordinate formula - typically found with multi caches - when the ability to enter the values of the variables found at the one or more WPs and have the app calculate the final coordinates? Currently this feature is my big draw to the GCBuddy app.