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Open cache in Safari by default


Hi, currently when looking at a cache and selecting ‘View on geocaching.com’, the page appears in a portal inside Cachly and it's another step to open in Safari.

The reason for wanting to view on the GS site, is to get the full power of both the site and Safari.

Maybe most people, or Nic, appreciate the current behaviour; but on the chance they're all silently suffering like me, thought I'd post this :P

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I had mentioned this behavior in http://www.cach.ly/support/index.php?/topic/108-a-couple-of-suggestions/#comment-330 in suggestion/request #1. I think it's been added to the list but bumped for more meaningful enhancements.



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bumped, not dumped.

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15 hours ago, BAMBI11 said:

I would appreciate to have this feature for the online-profile-link, too. ;-)

Done! I fixed this in a few other places as well.

Once place I didn't change it is where we use Google Translate. In this case I think it works well to not have to open Safari.

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