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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, great job on cachly so far. Since cach.ly 5 trackables from field notes are not logged any more. I'm currently using Cachly 5 with iOS12.1.4 on iPhone 7 as Premium Member. This happens when I create a field note and add trackables. It doesn't matter if I visit a cache or drop that trackable. When the notes are uploaded the logs for that trackables are not created any more.
  2. Hi everybody, if I try to save a log draft locally on Cachly, I could not find the log in "Outstanding Geocache logs" (German Ausstehende Geocache-Logs). Is this a bug in Cachly? I tried to log out of my account and again to log in, but this made no change in this behaviour. Previously i used Looking4Cache which is not able to send drafts to geocaching.com including images. The sending of drafts with images works fine if i send the log immediately but not with local storage. Why do i want to store local drafts? Because the network on some caches is not ne best and i want to send the logs as draft to geocaching.com later on at home with wifi. The typing of more detailed logs is much easier on a laptop than a mobile device. Could anybody help me? Kind regards, CDaxi PS: Cachly on iOS (Version 4.2.1 (1))