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  1. Hi, This morning I realized the handling of trackables stopped working. Whenever the inventory of trackables is accessed (trackables in bottom menu or while logging a cache) I get an error message: "kilometersTraveled is not a supported property Parameter name: currentProperty" (see screenshot) I restarted Cachly and also logged out and back in to my GC account - didn't help. Best, David
  2. DrDaffy

    Markup issue when editing logs

    Markups for bold and italic text are lost when editing logs. This morning I created and posted a found log while I was at the cache. At home I edited this log to complete it. The screenshots illustrate what happened. The screenshot with the ** shows what I saw while editing the log. The screenshot with the bold text is what I saw in the preview. And the screenshot without ** and bold text is what is online after I posted my changes. iPhone 6/iOS 12.3.1/Cachly 5.1.4 (2) Best, David
  3. DrDaffy

    Customize Color Order

    A real tagging system, where several tags can be assigned to a cache instead of only one color marker (I know, we had this topic in another thread :-), might solve diorex problem. But yes, I know, this would be a major change that is not planned.
  4. Good point. I am optimistic that you will find the good mix.
  5. And this zoom level can be configured? Because different users willl probably have different ideas regarding the zoom level that should be the threshold between "preserve zoom level" and "zoom in".
  6. Hi, right now I make preparations for my vacation and that drew my attention to something. I have a lot of lists and sometimes it's hard to keep track of them. But they fall into certain cathegories: Some default PQ covering my home zone Several lists for different cache series I want to keep track of Lists of caches for completing some challanges Lists for vacation Misc It would be helpful if I could organize these lists in folders Best, David
  7. DrDaffy

    Purge Logs

    What about an option to preserve your own logs regardless of number or date
  8. DrDaffy

    Named color markers/Tags

    Cachly 5.0 introduced 20 colors for marking caches. So I have a red marker called 'red', a green marker called 'green' and so on. I started using the different colors (4) and so far I know what color was used for what purpose. But once it becomes more it might be confusing. What about using them as colored tags with individual names defined by the user and showing both, color and name on the marked cache. This would help to remember why I marked a cache with a certain color.
  9. DrDaffy

    Named color markers/Tags

    To be honest I expected your answer to point 2 :-), but would it be so hard to implement point 1 and show the name of the marking color in the cache details? I think it’s a relativ small change with great effect.
  10. Hi, when I discovered the new icon (and the updated app:-) I went straight to the waypoints to check if the duplication error is fixed. Great, that worked but there are new issues. I created a waypoint ‘Test’ which shows up in the list with the strange name ‘UW2W3EDM Test’ (see screenshots 1 and 2) and when I try to delete it I get an error message complaining about a missing reference code (see screenshot 3). Best, David
  11. DrDaffy

    Named color markers/Tags

    1.) Meaning of the markers Starting on the map I see a cache with a black marker, but have no clue what it means (Screenshot1). I open the cache details, see that it's marked with the black marker, but I still have no clue what it means (Screenshot2). In order to get this info I have to edit the marker of this cache (Screenshot3) and finally in the list where I choose the color for this cache I can see the meaning of this marker/color. At least that's the only way I found. 2.) Multiple markers/tags I think it would be great if these markers were used like tags and you could assign several tags to a cache. I attached an edited screenshot (Screenshot5), which might make this clearer. On the one hand you can see what the markings/tags mean (see point 1) and on the other hand it shows a cache to which two tags have been assigned. I hope this make my ideas clearer. Best, David
  12. OK, thanks. Good to know. I just picked a random cache in live view that I don't hav in any offline list. Same issue.
  13. DrDaffy

    New feature: display favorite points in percent %

    You might prefer the absolute count of favs, but agree with Attila_G that for many cachers it would be great to have the % value available. I also prefer the % value.
  14. Are there any plans to implement this feature? Best, David
  15. DrDaffy

    Named color markers/Tags

    Hi, I just had a look on the new named markers. Great improvement, but it's a pity that I can't see the meaning of the color when looking at the marked cach. I have to edit the marker in order to see what the current marker means. That seems very awkward to me. Also it would be helpful to be able to assign more than one marker. Best, David
  16. DrDaffy

    *|find_count|* in Log Templates

    Can't wait. I frequently have this problem. Once I thougt it was my fault because I created my drafts in the wrong order. But often this is not the case. I simply open Cachly start writing a log and the counting is one off. Sometimes it helps to go back to the map and then back to the pending logs. Sometimes I have to close Cachly and sometimes I fix it manually.
  17. Hi, Recently I made changes to the OSM data because I found several "inaccuracies" while caching. This brought up the questions: What is the update cycle for Cachly offline maps Do we get some sort of notification "new map data available" Best, David
  18. Hi, today I tried to edit an old log and use the keyword *|owner_name|*. But the keyword was not replaced in the preview (see screenshots). So keywords apparently don't work when editing an old log. Is this a bug or is there a technical limitation. But in this case keywords shouldn't be available in the interface. Best, David
  19. DrDaffy

    Offline image

    Hi, any news to the feature discussed here. Recently I had a talk with a fellow Cacher. I had a question about a waypoint and a minute later he sent me a photo of what I was looking for. This was so fast, I was amazed and asked him if his Geocaching app was able to store photos related to the caches. He answered: No, unfortunately not. For some time he maintained a Evernote cache database, but finally he abondoned because the extra work of managing cache fotos in another app was too cumbersome and time consuming. This would be a great feature ... for those who like to document their caching for those who want to remember nice caches with photos they cannot store in the found log for stages of multis (always helpful to be able to look up again whether one has noted down the last coordinates correctly) Sure, you'd have to think it through. First step would be to store personal photos with the cache locally on the device with the possibility of a structured export (e.g. one dir with GC code and cache name per cache). This would ensure that nothing is lost and can be transferred to a personal photo starage location later. iCloud sync could be a secont step/improvement. Best, David
  20. DrDaffy

    A default name when creating a waypoint

    Yes, you have ground floor, 1-x upper floors, and if you are rich enough you have the penthouse :-)
  21. DrDaffy

    A default name when creating a waypoint

    A default name would be nice. But here in Hannover (Germany) your numbering would not work, because multis here normally use Start, Intermediate Station (Zwischenstation) 1-x, and Final. This prevents misunderstandings on what is the first station. So customizable default name for user waypoints with optional numbering starting with 1 or 2 could be a nice feature for everyone. Best, David
  22. DrDaffy

    Issue with markdown in logs

    Hi Nic, some days ago I noticed an issue with markdowns in logs. It is not necessarily a Cachly issue because it is also not very clear on the Geocaching side. I wrote a nice :-) found log using markdown in Cachly (see Screenshot1). But when I looked at this log on Geocahing.com I noticed that half of the markdowns were ignored and ** appeared in my log (see Screenshot2). Then I had a look in the official app and saw that it don't support markdown at all (Screenshot3). Personally I like the way Cachly handles this, but whatever the final solution is, it should be the same on every platform (Cachly, Internet, official App). But this involved HQ. Cachly got a big fat advertisement for version 5.0 as official partner in a recent Geocaching newsletter and you seem to have good contacts to HQ. Perhaps you can sort this out together? Best, David
  23. DrDaffy

    refreshing offline list

    If you select a list and go to the map view you have an 'Update Caches' and a 'Load Cache images' option in the '...' menu (not sure about the english names). Perhaps this helps you. But I would like to do more then this when updateing an offline list. I have several ofline lists that are copies of PQ's. Now, whenever I want to update these lists, I have to first download the updated PQ, (with new caches added or old caches removed) then go to my offline lists and delete the old copy of my PQ. It would be so much easier to request an updated list (with new and removed caches) right at the list. It would be nice if copies of online lists would in some sort 'remember' that they are only a copy of an online list (or PQ) and be automatically replaced by the new download. A synchronization in both ways (see official Geocaching app) would be even better. But I understand if Nic wants to keep the strict separation between online lists offline lists. So what about this solution: Two sorts of offline lists ... 1.) You download an online list/PQ. You now have an offline copy (lets call it linked offline list, with a little chain/link icon) that cannot be modified/managed (add/remove) caches. Of cause you could update the information of the caches that are in the list but the list itself can only be replaced by a new copy of the online list/PQ. This could be an option of the offline list (update list or get latest version or whatever). Of cause it can be deleted if you don't want it on your phone any longer. 2.) You create an offline list. This list is comletely managed on your mobile device and you can add or remove caches at will. That's the way it is now. Any comments on this? Best, David
  24. Good idea. Would like this.