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  1. DrDaffy

    Waymarkly integration

    Where exactly is this. I exported from Waymarkly, saved to Dropbox, imported in Cachly from Dropbox. 400 Waymarks were imported, I can look at the "cache details", but I don't see a log option.
  2. DrDaffy

    Lab caches in the Cachly 6.2

    Since a normal tap on the pop-up leads directly to the official app I never tried pressing long. Just discovered it. It's exactly what I meant. Thanks for the hint. Should help ivans too.
  3. DrDaffy

    Lab caches in the Cachly 6.2

    I saw that GC Droid has the ability to generate local fake found log drafts for adventure labs. By doing this they are considered found and will be filtered by "Hide my finds". Considering the current situation this is a good solution that works well. Perhaps Nics contact at HQ can tell him if it is worth waiting for an extension of the API or if he should bette implement a solution on his own. Right now it is quite unsatisfying. I turned Lab Caches off, because I always double checked the same Labs in order to see if it was one I finished or not, and returned to the official app to check what to do next.
  4. DrDaffy

    Compass button

    I like the current compass icon and I think it is a good choice for "show me the direction where the cache is"
  5. DrDaffy

    Wherigo player

    There should bei only one. It is this one: http://www.wherigo.com/cartridge/details.aspx?CGUID=2fa9c4ac-0ff5-4495-97de-d1a6cf232cf1
  6. DrDaffy

    Wherigo player

    The cartridge starts, at the beginning I get instructions and at the end of the instructions there is a ‘Start’ button. When I press the button the app closes.
  7. DrDaffy

    Wherigo player

    Hi, I gave it a try and hoped it will work better then the old one. The user experience is better but the Wherigo GC68GHM still does not work on iPhone. Should a Wherigo cartridge not run independent of the platform/OS it is played on? Best, David
  8. Hi, i just read about an App, an official API partner, which integrates the official Groundspeak solution checker. Do you know about this. Is this possible in Cachly too? Best, David
  9. DrDaffy

    Labcaches in Cachly?

    Hi, GS added Labcache pins to the official Geocaching app. Will this also be available for partner apps or is this exclusive for the official app? Best, David
  10. DrDaffy

    Challenge cache radius

    No, the rules say: "The container must be placed at coordinates on the cache page, either as posted coordinates, or as a visible final waypoint." So you can't rely on the published coordinates being the coordinates of the cache.
  11. Oh yes, please. I thought about this several times but never posted it. I would love it.
  12. DrDaffy

    Copy Options

    Great! Never knew this :-)
  13. DrDaffy

    More details on 6.1 features

    I hope your considerations leads to a positiv decision. The current situation is great when you look at current caches (e.g. an unfinished multi with relevant pictures) but if you look at your photo collection, all you see is an anonymous list of GC codes.
  14. DrDaffy

    More details on 6.1 features

    Agree, love this. So far I had my personal geocache image repository on dropbox, but it was always extra work to get the images there. Just pressing a button in Cachly to archive cache relevant photos is great. When I tested this feature and saw how it worked well I instantly "bought" this new version :-) I also noticed that I could copy all my existing photos (in matching GCxxxxx folders) from DropBox to iCloud drive and they are available in Cachly - great. One additional thing that would be great: When I have an offline list of my finds on my phone, it would be great if I could filter this list by caches with personal photos. Best, David
  15. DrDaffy

    Incomplete „Friends Log“

    My error, I should have known this. Sorry, but tanks for the quick responses.