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  1. Carrot Killer

    Bulk Logging

    Is there a way or has a way been considered to log caches in bulk? I would like to see the ability to log all caches in a list with an identical log. For example, after completing a Geoart I can just push through a cut and paste log rather than doing each cache manually.
  2. Carrot Killer

    Wherigo player

    The android app Geooh Live has a built in Wherigo player. I think this is a cool feature and I know that no one could do it better than you. What do you think?
  3. Carrot Killer

    FTF filter

    Could you create a filter so that we can see only the FTFs available on the map? I know you can see them but I want to be able to quickly identify any on the map that are open.