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  1. 22Bongo

    Clearing checkmark

    Thank you so much!
  2. 22Bongo

    Clearing checkmark

    How do I clear a checkmark on a cache in the Cach.ly app? I logged the wrong cache and deleted the log but the checkmark remains. Thanks Liz
  3. Coordinates must be less than 100,000 metres between them. This comes up frequently on my app and I have to keep touching the load caches icon to have caches load.
  4. 22Bongo

    Draft logs - Change with release 5.0

    Okay. Thanks for the explanation and the quick response.
  5. Since the new release we now have to put text into our Draft logs or Cach.ly won’t upload them to GC.com. I usually only did that when I had something specific to remember about a cache. Then I’d write detailed logs on all caches after uploading the drafts. Was that supposed to happen? Liz