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  1. Hi Nick, forgot I had posted this on here, and not FB... Wasn't sure now if there is a different place to report something as a Patreon supporter, or if it makes any difference.. You were right about the camera issue, thanks... Yes, issue of orientation on iPad was reported, and still does it... Was out today, and navigating with the iPad.... once navigating, the iPad is in landscape, but cachly "thinks" it is in portrait... IE. in compass view while navigating, the compass pointer points @ 270degrees, when it should be pointing at 360. (or zero) . It also messes it up, if in map mode, and you try for course up.. Also, not that I care, but I know you like things running smoothly, when I signed up for Patreon, it claimed I was going to get a tee shirt etc.. That has never happened.. Like I say, I dont really need a shirt, but thought you should know, whatever that mechanism to send a shirt as promised, doesn't seem to work... Warren Holm
  2. Hi Nic... iPad Pro 10.5" IOS 7.0.2 Cachly 7.0.5(1) If I go into personal note, and click the "+" sign at the bottom, and choose "take photo", the photo screen comes up blank, as in totally black. It will allow me to choose a photo from the library, and it will work with the native camera app with no problem. Also still have issues with trying to use course up in landscape mode with the same ipad Any thoughts ? Warren
  3. Hello there. I was out caching, getting used to my Apple watch.. Noticed as I close in on GZ, the distance showing on compass mode gets down to say 10' . If I put my arm down, or it goes into its sleep mode (Apple Watch 5) When I raise my arm again, it says for instance 279' and then it takes time for it to settle down again,, Any thoughts on that?
  4. Haven't gotten #3 to happen again... Have used the watch stand alone, but still have to put it through its paces to say one way or another.. It did dawn on me why the iPad wouldn't switch orientations while I was setting there fooling with it, it doesn't have a "real" compass, so won't change until you move a bit and it interpolates it...
  5. 1) Noticed while out using the watch, at on cache, left the phone in the truck, had watch on. Started trekking towards GZ.. Using the "compass" feature in cachly, noticed the distance never changed as I walked... I know the watch has gps and compass, so does it only derive the information from the phone? Is there a way to use the watch as stand alone? 2) Using Ipad in car noticed "course up" function changes every time I manually reorient the map, or go back to the description or compass. I ALWAYS want to use it in course up. Is there a way to lock that on ? I must hit that little button a hundred times a day if I am out LOL.. Frustrating... 3) Also noticed at times yesterday, course up just plain would not work. Tried to think of what was different when it was and wasnt working... I believe the issue happens, when you select a cache and navigate to it, and using the ... menu at top, choose apple maps to get road guidance to it.. Seems as if when the maps app is open, the course up function fails in cachly.. Seems as if closing the maps app (running in background) fixed the issue... Just letting you know.. Thanks! Warren
  6. Went out caching with it,, it eventually started to work, not sure what the issue was ,,,
  7. It shows connected to the watch, on my iPhone
  8. Yes... it seems to be working with everything else
  9. Jello Jeep

    Apple Watch

    Hi Nick, just got an Apple Watch, mainly to use with cachly I finally got it to work with "nearby" and list etc.. It kept saying it wasn't paired.. I powered everything everything off and on, and eventually got it to work.. However when you hit "current" it says "missing geocache, load a cache on your IOS device". I opened cachly on my iPhone and loaded a cache and hit the compass symbol, but it doesn't seem to recognize it ?
  10. Hi, love the app.. Mostly very intuitive.. I have seen another comment too on this... After you highlight a GC, next to the "Log Geocache" button, there is the compass button that initiates setting that GC as your target.. I dint intuit this at all.. Stumbled across an online tutorial and figured out how he got it to change to the map/compass and set his destination to the highlighted GC. I suggest replacing the compass logo, with the word "Go" just like most navigation apps... Just a thought.. Also as a question, is there a comprehensive video tutorial for v 6 ? I am still trying to grasp online/offline lists and how you switch from one to another... ps question, do you have to turn on "State Restoration" somewhere, or is that always on ? Thanks
  11. Add to future features please Tnx for fast response
  12. I have an iPhone and an iPad.. I usually leave the iPad in the car for navigating, be it caches or streets.. Is there some way to sync your preferences and settings between the two devices ?
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