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Start-up - in "Non live" state using saved list



I am new to Cachly and I may be missing something

Is it possible to open app in " non Live map mode" using a downloaded vector map? 

Also load at the same time the saved list appropriate to the location? 

I am in the UK and have down  loaded the UK map and a PQ for my area

I would prefer to have that saved map loaded rather use " data" to load a live map.  If I turn off my data/wi-fi I get an error message saying internet access not available......

I can then invoke the map but it would be better to go to the saved map from the start.


I go overseas a fair bit and don't use data abroad.  Thus it is important to use the saved map from the get go.

I am not sure how much data is used for " live" but with download data it isn't necessary anyway. 

Am I missing a toggle switch to turn off " live" or isn't there one? 

Look forward.


Ps currently using L4C which works this way

Ios 10.2 

IPhone 6

Cachly. Latest version

Premium member

Pps heard lots of good reports on the app  through loads of podcast interviews with Nic et all.

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14 hours ago, Miked said:

Is it possible to open app in " non Live map mode" using a downloaded vector map? 

This isn't currently possible to open Cachly and force it to go to an Offline List. Cachly is an "online first" app with powerful offline features. However, I think it would be a good idea to add an option to allow completely offline loading of Cachly. I will add this to our list.


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I'll add another vote to this old post and the request to have this altered.

I use Cachly almost 100% in Offline mode (using offline lists and the offline vector maps).  

One of the things I find annoying is that every time I launch the app, it opens to the "Live" screen and I have to swap it each and every time to the Offline screen/list.  It would be great to have a setting to allow a change in this behaviour so that users could select which screen I wanted to come up as default if they didn't want the "Live" screen every time.

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