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  1. I guess it would be handy but when I get stuck I do these things: 1) Read the description again and then the hint 2) read earlier logs for insights. During this process, I note any friends I might want to contact. 3) PAF and often, I spot it just about when they answer 4) Declare loudly to the cache "I'm leaving now", walk away but return for one last look - funny how this sometimes works
  2. He does specify only offline for this feature. Offline caches store some number of logs (is it 30?). Couldn't you match the Cachly friends list against those logs and flag that "friends have found it" with a way to see their logs from the offline set? 30 logs can go back a long time unless it is a very active cache so odds are good you would see your friends finds.
  3. I am a GSAK novice but I found the Add to Bookmark List... feature. They require an existing bookmark list since everyone adding to list has such a need. I added 22 caches and it did it in about a second so I'm guessing GSAK is not using it's usual screen scraping to do this.
  4. I haven't been keeping a list because I thought you had a master list. I can see providing you a set of features that I think make a nice related set of capabilities, but I don't have insight as to whether they would naturally be best implemented together. What's your pleasure? I can trawl ok'd posts to make a list and even rank it per my desires.
  5. Features requested here would make this simpler.
  6. I do this fairly frequently. Make an empty list. Copy your full list to it. In the copy filter, for example, Has Corrected Coordinates=Yes. In the original, filter Has Corrected Coordinates=No. Then in the copy, choose action Delete Filtered Caches. In the original list do the same action. You have now split the original list into two, the original with Corrected Coords and a copy without them.
  7. As it stands, you have to filter them on "challenge" in the title possibly picking up false positives. Then highlight the filtered results and return to Map View where you can now see them in context with your route planning. Of course, if you were using highlighting for some other purpose, you will now be uncertain. There is no definitive way to know short of looking at the listing but well into the high 90% mystery with challenge in the title are really challenges and I don't think reviewers will let a new mystery publish that has challenge in the title and is not a Challenge cache. An FTF marker may sometimes lie to if the finder has not yet logged it.
  8. You can add individual caches to a list but not a group. One impediment is the API does not allow creating a bookmark list. If it already exists, I guess Cachly could add one of its lists to that bookmark list.
  9. I can think of three possibilities: - A plugin for Chrome named Geoprint. I think it is German and you would need translation. It integrates with geocaching.com so you can add caches to the map from the web page. - cachetur.no: A new trip planning tool from @Thomfre, a great Norwegian cacher. Attached is part of a printout generated from it. It does not import GPX's though but as I recall can do bookmark lists and just lists of GCcodes to put in the route. It can do route optimization. - furkot.com: A non-geocaching trip planning tool that I like because it gives me detailed times to arrive/leave a cache. The only fiddly thing is you need to import the trip from a csv file wtih DD format Lat/Lon and column headings it expects. It can optimize the route and do printing.
  10. It's not an algorithm so much as a user-curated DB of the false ones plus ones that are Challenges but lack the word in the name. Still icon type plus word would produce relatively few positives. I know I can do a filter but then I can't see other ones of interest along my route. Multiple color highlights plus multiple lists viewable at once would take care of this need for me in Map View.
  11. The FTF tag is placed on a cache based on it not being logged yet. It would be handy to flag Challenge caches in some way visually based on it being a Mystery/Puzzle type and having "challenge" in the name.
  12. I can understand not wanting to get involved with FB. Here is recurring event in the area that seems well attended so if you drop in on it, you bet you can get in touch. https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC7KBGR_middle-of-the-day-middle-of-the-week-event-28
  13. Search Facebook for San Antonio Geocaching. I see a group with 388 members. I bet they have events. Join up and find out.
  14. Wherigos where the author did not obfuscate the cartridge have human-readable text strings and typically the final coordinates.
  15. Amen. I've got a long road trip sandwiched around the Giga and a ton of planning is going into doing most of it solo.
  16. A second thought. You could put the words Orange, Pink or maybe HighFave, Oldie,... in your Cache Note and filter on text contains to get just a subset visible. Granted, it does not give you the "at-a-glance" view of several types at once on the map. A different approach once the map can show different lists at once would be to add a highlight color at the list level that applied to any cache in Map View from that list.
  17. A feature GS never implemented despite lots of requests. It would be handy.
  18. Sounds like a candidate for the FAQ page
  19. Should the Has Photos setting be title Has Images? They are called images everywhere else.
  20. rragan


    i believe Save to List creates a list from multiple caches while Add carries the meaning of putting a single cache on a list.
  21. Try turning off Smart Quotes in iOS settings. https://www.jordanmerrick.com/posts/ios-11-smart-punctuation
  22. I think your problem is that you copied the search text from someplace like MS Word that uses Smart Quotes. Look carefully at your screenshot and you can see the apostrophe and quote both slant to the left. Compare that with these characters in the cache titles. A smart quote will not match a plain quote. Try using plain quotes and apostrophes when searching.
  23. Section added to the Wiki on how to import a file from your computer to Cachly. http://www.cach.ly/help/index.php/Load_GPX_caches_by_email#Load_GPX_caches_by_email
  24. Added http://www.cach.ly/help/index.php/Load_GPX_caches_by_email#Load_GPX_caches_by_email
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