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  1. ar3

    Cache list

    How about to be able to create a list of caches that you wnat to visit (like a route of caches)? Cachly could have a quick way to select caches from cache description and create a list of caches. At the end this list could be printed, re-order, share by email with friends, .. I use this a lot to prepare a day o geocaching. I do this with a google chrome extention that calls geoPrinter.
  2. ar3

    Sending draft crash

    I have chosen a logtype and it worked. Yes, at least change the error message to warn about this missing log typ. Also, why not have a predefined log type? eg Found?
  3. Hello, I notice that there is a lot of the app that is not full translate to Portuguese language. Are you planning to fix this? If you need i can help.
  4. ar3

    Sending draft crash

    It turns out that its not only using drafts but also sending logs to geocaching.com appears the same error message..
  5. Today i tried to send a draft geocaching.com and i got a problem. please check the picture attached. Cachly version number: 4.2.1(1) iOS version: 11.1Device that you are using: iPhone 8 Screen that issue is happening on and if you can replicate it: everytime to post a log or a draft If you are a Regular or Premium user of geocaching.com: premium user GC code if your question is about a specific cache: GC38RWQ
  6. ar3

    Friend's logs

    I agree. search on last 50 logs is more than enough... Please think about on this cool picture By the way i just bought today the app.
  7. ar3

    Friend's logs

    Hello Nic, I understand that API dont give you the resources to identify the Geocache friends but since that Cachly have already a way to say who is your friends, cant you use the list and search on the logs of a cache for this names? In this way you may implement this cool feature.
  8. Hello Nic, But cant you do it has CGEO does? this info is only available when you save offline the caches. In some way CGEO is accessing your friends list in GC.com and then search for it on the logs. There is also a chrome extension that have the same feature( Geocaching.com Friends! ). This is a cool feature because when you are searching for a cache and you are not finding it, you can see who from your friends did already the cache and call them for a HD. Is cachly translated to Portuguese already?
  9. Hi, just landing on iPhone zone i looking for a app that have some features that i really liked from geo app. I search a bit for this features but i cannot find any description with this info: - when looking on the logs of a cache, log of the geocaching friends logs apear in a special window - correct coordinates of a multi cache or mystery, update also the GC website - using offline maps from open street maps Does cachly have these features?
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