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  1. This is a rather vague idea for which I apologise, but I wonder if it would be nice to display cache information in a complication on Apple Watches. To make the idea more concrete, could the complication show the distance to GZ when it's some distance away, then optionally switch to showing the hint when you're close ? Perhaps all this would be too taxing on the watch's battery though.
  2. Thanks for your thoughts on this. I think the solutions you've outlined above are roughly equivalent to my own homebrew solutions, so I'll probably keep using those instead. I did try one idea of my own though: just taking a screen shot on the iPad and printing that. It is much closer to what I was hoping for, in that it's a very quick and easy way to get a paper copy of the caches. One feature would be useful though: a way to see the GC codes of the caches on the screen. I think this is particularly useful on a big iPad where there's enough screen space for it not to clutter things up at sensible zoom levels. I suspect such labels would be more generally useful, especially if they were optional. A nice implementation might hide them when the cache density gets too high. Is this something which you think is in the spirit of the app, and if so should I start a new feature request thread ? Thanks again for the app.
  3. The Cachly map is great for deciding where I want to go caching, but in the field I like to have the map on paper. That makes it easy to scribble on, I don't worry unduly if it gets wet, and I don't worry so much in dodgy neighbourhoods. So, it would be great if there were a way to save a map as PDF or send it to a printer. If there's already a way to do this, I apologise.
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