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  1. LSbatman

    Offline Geocache Export Problem

    When I create on offline geocache and then export it, the GPX file shows <null> for the cache type. line excerpts from GPX: <desc>Bluff Trail by , (null) (1.0/1.0)</desc> <groundspeak:type>(null)</groundspeak:type> It would be helpful if it would convey the cache type.
  2. LSbatman

    Saved Template Problem

    I save several filter templates and noticed that the "Logic" AND/OR setting is not being saved. I only noticed this after getting some odd results with one of my saved filters. Is this the intended behavior?
  3. LSbatman

    Share Message Default Format

    Thanks. I am using the feature to do a PAF via a message and have been editing the message as needed.
  4. Is there a way for the user to change the default format for the “Share” message?
  5. LSbatman

    My adopted caches are not displayed

    If you found a cache, then adopted it, it would not display with the EXCLUDE MY FINDS filter turned on.
  6. LSbatman

    List View - Date or dots

    It is on a saved list. I experimented with GC8HMMJ. On the live view, it displays the date. If I load it on an offline list, it has the dots.
  7. LSbatman

    List View - Date or dots

    I am wondering why, in a list view for events, I sometimes see the event date and other times, a group of dots. Attached is an example. All events are in the future. I would prefer to see the date.
  8. LSbatman

    Rhode Island County Boundaries

    In offline Premium maps, I did not see any county boundary lines for Rhode Island, in both the state and US Northeast downloads. The county names do appear.
  9. LSbatman

    Premium Offline Map Problem

    After noticing a new date for the US Midwest map, I downloaded it again to get the updates. Afterwards, the map is blank. I returned to the menu and noticed that the file size is much smaller than normal. I then tried to do just Missouri and noticed the same thing; a much smaller file size and a blank map.
  10. LSbatman

    Import from iCloud Drive

    That is exactly what I am doing now. I’m just trying to eliminate a step and have it work like Dropbox downloads. No worries. I’m am quite happy with the app.
  11. LSbatman

    Import from iCloud Drive

    I would like an “Import from iCloud” option. Why? Dropbox recently made a change to their Basic subscription and now limits it to three connected devices. So I am moving my files over to the iCloud Drive because I am already paying for storage space there.
  12. LSbatman

    Purge Logs

    Thank you. I thought I searched everywhere before admitting defeat. But alas, I did not check there.
  13. LSbatman

    Purge Logs

    How do I get to the purge logs feature? I have used it before but am having difficulty finding it again.
  14. LSbatman

    Purge all Logs but Mine

    I like the purge logs feature. It would be nice to have one more option: Purge all logs but mine
  15. LSbatman

    Missing Placed On Date

    Thank you for the fix.