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  1. I think I may have asked for this but I'm not certain so here goes. When I am importing multiple individual caches to add to a list, I have to choose list over and over. If Cachly retained the last list imported to as a default choice (see pic), the choosing process is eliminated after the first time. Things are no worse if you don't want that list, just tap the > and choose a different one.
  2. From which I infer that in his hypothetical of cell but no data plan, Cachly will attempt to save the waypoint and fail. Is it then saved offline and synced later?
  3. While talking of using Force Touch, force touch on the Compass to show the hint, if there is one, would be nice.
  4. Or if you know you want the notified cache in an offline list, let it open in Safari and tap the GPX file button and choose to open in Cachly. Then save it in the desired offline list.
  5. Just wait until the Creatures promo starts tomorrow.
  6. I think the comments about low resolution are what you would have seen if Cachly had left Google Maps intact come sometime in July. Google will degrade the resolution to make the ongoing usage unpalatable without changes.
  7. So the more granular fetching could trigger request throttling as more requests are being made?
  8. Cachly uses the iOS language setting for the device. I'm not aware of a language switch purely for Cachly https://support.apple.com/en-us/ht204031
  9. Editing parts of a real geocache in the local DB can be used for any purpose that helps you. For example, I have used it in conjunction with 360° Challenge. I changed titles to include the degree heading they qualified for. This let me look at titles and see at a glance the degree they fulfilled.
  10. If all the same crash only the most recent I think.
  11. Update/refresh will overwrite any local edits with latest from the web site.
  12. Editing published caches by changing name etcetera is purely local. You cannot edit the information on geocaching.com this way. You can refresh any individual cache by pulling down on the page and letting go. This is a convention everywhere in iOS. I should add that to the UI differences page.
  13. This may be touching on the idea of being able to see one's own log on any found cache at any time. It has been discussed here and would require Cachly to keep a copy of your Log text in the DB (or a logs DB). Retrieving your log text from some years back is tricky otherwise. Suggested workaround was to place your MyFinds query into an offline list (and refresh it periodically). That query contains all your logs on Found caches. Sadly, it does not give me access to my DNF or note logs.
  14. It can be easier than that. From Cache Details tap Navigate to Cache and choose Google Maps (which sounds like what you already do). In sat view you can still zoom in as far as before to help locate the cache - the pin for the cache will be visible. No copy/paste of coordinates.
  15. Geeoh is aggressively maintained and enhanced from what I know.
  16. You need to have iBooks app installed. If so, you should see something like this when sharing a pic from the camera roll.
  17. Sort of a workaround albeit a little tedious. Say you have 3 sat photos on the camera roll for GCXxxx. Select all 3 and Save as PDF in iBooks. iBooks works offline and you can view the images. You likely want you give the iBook entry a useful name like the GC code.
  18. I cleaned up the specific areas he expanded on but, as you say, we need to be on the lookout for use of a term/topic that is not on the page and is not linked.
  19. Geosphere seems to have supported a variety of ways to export cache logs. There appears to be a Garmin style, GSAK style, GS backup, and a GPX form -- not sure how that differs.
  20. View multiple offline lists at once without merging is on the feature request list. I miss it.
  21. As an ex heavy Geosphere user I don't recall being able to save pictures locally. Maybe save them on Google Drive and put a link in the cache note.
  22. Specifics on what subjects he had trouble finding would help.
  23. Trad would be fine too. Just a field that could be defaulted because most don't care.
  24. Any reason not to pick a default type like Mystery or Virtual to further simplify creation? The user can always change it.
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