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  1. What if you have no map downloaded at the time of application update?
  2. It's not about money.. There is Locus Map comming to iOS. Currently in closed beta.
  3. I don't mind paying/subscribing for new features. But I won't tolerate new mandatory subscription for the very feature I already paid for. This is not ok.
  4. Yop, they screwed us pretty well with offline maps. Personally I am not willing to pay twice for the very same thing. Next year they will come with download limits or similar limitations and hide it behind more money. Nope. The trust has been broken. It's time to say good bye. Especially when a new app is coming to iOS.
  5. I have tried it from within Files app as well. Does Cachly have any kind of debug logging?
  6. Hi there. The issue is back. It happens even after uninstall and fresh install. I am no longer able to use the app. Any idea how to track the isssue down? Thank you.
  7. I've made a few tests. If the app is freshly installed, import process works fine (both, gpx and zip import methods). But after any update, it breaks. The most recent update broke both (gpx and zip) import methods on my device. So I reinstall the app and it works fine again. Any ideas what is going on?
  8. I do understand that without a log or debugging you are blind. Personally, I ask "a customer" to enable debug logging for a short period of time and gather log files. Anyway I am open to help you out. Just tell me what to do
  9. Fair enough. Thank you anyway.
  10. Yes, I tried to import into existing list. I have just tried it with new list creation upon import process and it doesn't work either.
  11. Thank you for detailed info. When I go step by step with using Chrome, it works fine and I am able to import the GPX file. +1! (I do remember that I had problems with Chrome months ago.) But when I use Safari or Files app, it doesn't work - it hangs on nr. 10. - after tapping on Import, Processing... dialog appears with the wheel spinning. And here it hangs. I can notice small shift of the Processing... popup dialog after a few seconds. Can you please test it with Safari or Files app? I recorded the screen with the issue: 20200627_193919.mp4
  12. Nope. When I long press on the link and select Share option, there is no "Open in Cachly" option. So I have to download it first, compress it and import the compressed file.
  13. Test gpx file. I am using the latest version of iOS (13.5.1) on iPhone SE.
  14. I downloaded it via Safari - so from Safari's download context menu. And I tried it from Files app (from Downloads folder) as well. EDIT: Then I compressed the gpx file directly inside Files app and imported the compressed file into Cachly.
  15. Hi there. Is there any progress related to this issue? Currently, I am able to compress gpx file and import it into Cachly. But I am not able to import a gpx file directly - if I try to do that, I select output list and Cachly displays a popup saying "Processing..." with the wheel spinning indefinitely.
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