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  1. ChrisDen

    Deleted Pocket Queries

    Not working for me. When you say refresh the PQ do you mean just pulling down the screen when at the PQ list?
  2. ChrisDen

    Deleted Pocket Queries

    I am talking about when I go into the geocaching.com pocket query page and delete the PQ and the related file that is normally available for 7 days. If you delete the file on the second tab (Pocket queries ready for download) it disappears from the list of available files on the web site but does not disappear on cachly or other caching apps.
  3. ChrisDen

    Offline trackables

    When creating a log and you want trackables dropped or visited a list of your inventory appears to be downloaded each time you log. This means you cannot do the trackable visit if you have no Internet access. Also takes time if you are online. Could the inventory not be stored offline with a refresh button?
  4. An ability to abort a download will also be useful
  5. ChrisDen

    Ability to submit logs for friends on team

    I normally post from Cachly if there is plenty of time but normally drop the Found logs into GSAK and then log using a proper keyboard on my computer
  6. ChrisDen

    Lab caches

    Project-GC has details of lab caches that you have found so they must be available.
  7. ChrisDen

    Archiving an event

    Oops - should have clicked it. Thanks
  8. ChrisDen

    Archiving an event

    When you hold an event you will log an Attended log. This changes the log button to indicate you have logged the cache and greys it out. Is it possible to allow you to archive the event after you are happy that the attendees have logged? One could wait the 30 days for auto archive or use the geocaching website
  9. ChrisDen

    Beware of the fake

    I see there is an app in the store called Powerful Cachly for Geocaching. This is not Cachly. Don't be caught by the lookalike.
  10. ChrisDen

    Importing a file resorts Offline lists

    I have seen the re-sort as well. As you say - if you exit and come back in then it is fine
  11. ChrisDen

    Bugs when creating a log

    Hi Andy For Item 1 see the reply in this topic
  12. ChrisDen

    App icon badge count options?

    Leave as is for me too. That being said I do sometimes open the list and count how many DNFs so I know how many we have found so far
  13. ChrisDen

    Update Offline Lists

    The update was a one off database update as V3 users a different (single) database for all offline lists. It won't appear again
  14. ChrisDen

    Getting good coordinates for cache placement

    I must admit I don't average the readings. Walk away and back again numerous times. From that there is one set of coords that appear more than others surrounded by a few that are .001 out. Then there are some that are different by 3 or 4 thousands. Those need to be ignored. To me a simple average brings in one's that are obviously incorrect. I would not have this feature as a priority. There are others that are far more useful eggs Status update, delete a cache from all offline lists
  15. ChrisDen

    Getting good coordinates for cache placement

    Check the plot on Google Earth. My experience is that you cannot go wrong if your coords show to be good there. Plot your coords as a waypoint. Wall away and then go to the waypoint as if you are finding a cache. That is also a good check
  16. ChrisDen

    "Negative" attribute tags not showing negation in text

    Nope - I deleted cachly at about beta 17 and reinstalled from scratch.
  17. ChrisDen

    "Negative" attribute tags not showing negation in text

    Offline. That's strange. Did another refresh and now it is correct.
  18. ChrisDen

    "Negative" attribute tags not showing negation in text

    Just visited a cache GC72T9T. Attribute shows it is wheelchair friendly. No way that a wheelchair could get to teh GZ. I was about to send the CO a message when I saw on the geocaching website that the attribute is the negative one. Obviously picking up the wrong icon.
  19. ChrisDen

    Trackable dropped / visited

    You can do that already. Click All Visited and then swipe the ones you do not want to the left and toast delete
  20. ChrisDen

    Export as GPX - Why?

    I prefer to log caches in GSAK. Easier to type my story on a computer keyboard. I mark the cache as found in cachly and then export to GSAK where I can do my full log avid publish from there
  21. ChrisDen

    Download of Pocket Queries/Offline lists

    Missed the manual sort. Thanks
  22. Currently, if you download a pocket query a new offline list is created. If you run the pocket query again the next day and download it again a new offline list is created. I think it should be merged with the existing one. The list of offline lists seems to be in no particular order. Not date nor alpha. It would be great iif they could be sorted in alphabetic order.
  23. ChrisDen

    User waypoints

    Tested it from a iPhone 7 to an iPhone 5. Agree - works like a dream
  24. ChrisDen

    Download of Pocket Queries/Offline lists

    While not a major feature pocket queries could be handled like bookmark lists and give you the choice. See image. If you look at the download dates and times they are not in order.
  25. ChrisDen

    Status update

    GSAK has, in addition to full cache and basic cache data update, a status update. This runs more quickly than the other two. Is this a feature that could be added? I only want active caches in my offline lists so would like to run a status update so the archived ones can be deleted