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  1. Just to bring an end to the thread. No I didn't replicate it. I didn't try to. With the site being down I just used the Send as Text feature, imported it into GSAK and finished my logging there. It was an individual log. I guess it would be hard to build a safety net for this since it is a thankfully rare occurrence and what a user experiences as a site being down could be different in the background with the API.
  2. I echo what everyone else said. I'm just glad it's coming back in 5. I was worried that similar to when Geocaching had to drop Google Maps or pay lots of money because of the demand the geocaching site was making on the Google servers. I see the comments about the resolution being low. Will Cachly 5 have access to the same quality of Google maps (standard and satellite are what I use the most) or will Cachly too have a step down in quality? I am glad to see the addition of a good topo map, though I must wonder if it's new or I never scrolled down far enough. I thought I looked for topos in the list earlier, probably not too hard as if I'm caching some place where I care about topos I usually have my Garmin. When I was east of the Mississippi for GW16, I was looking for topos on my phone. My 24K maps on my Garmin are only the west. Since I've started rambling on about maps in general, I should mention the offline GW area map rocked!! While doing the Giga geo-art I was able to navigate the trails without problem, direct a random couple hiking thr trail, and keep my new Canadian geo-buddy who had no data from getting lost. He was an android user and very sad he had no way to get the cool maps I was using. Thank you!
  3. I was searching for information on a different topic and stumbled on this thread. Let me add a "me too". It happened once on a road trip last week. The cache in questions was the last of that day.I think it was fine for about a day. Then when I went to catch up on logging the following day I noticed the cache was not in the right position in the list. Like the initial screen shot it was missing all the data. If I tapped on it, Cachly would crash. I eventual just logged it on the site and deleted the pending log. Then everything was fine. If it happens again I'll try to get more details.
  4. I was in the midst of catching up on logging. When I pressed "send Log" in Cachly it informed me it was saved as a draft on geocaching.com. (The "save as draft" was not on. I never use it.) When I went looking for the draft, I figured out that the geocaching servers were down. When they came back up, the draft was not there. The cache had not been logged. There appears no record that I ever wrote the log in Cachly. Any ideas where I could look for this evaporated log?
  5. I originally thought that was the answer until I looked online and it was still there. Back to what I was originally going to type then. I'm totally up for helping you promote Cachly. It's a product I believe in. Every log I send from Cachly says "Logged from Cachly" in the signature. That being said, could you add some space above the "Log photo uploaded using Cachly" line? It's a really pain trying to get the cursor before it and I usually end up deleting your tag. I also realize you're competing with the similar tag from the Official app that newbies aren't like to remove. Just looking for a compromise here for those of us who want to caption our photos and help you with promotion.
  6. I see the latest release 3.1 (19) made a change to photo captions. It looks like there was a slight change on the website and likely the API. I think the two blanks were labeled Caption and Description. Now on the website it's Name and Description. Even if I'm making things up about how it used to be, the new release of Cachly seems to be missing the Name box. All I get is the description box. When I edit an image online that I uploaded via Cachly I can add a name. Screen caps attached of what I'm seeing in Cachly and online. Am I doing something wrong or are others finding the name box on log photos missing in Cachly?
  7. Love the new FTF banners. I am curious why FTFs can only be filtered in an Offline list although they can be sorted Live. I suspect it's related to available resources. I just wanted a better answer than my guess. Thanks!
  8. HikingSeal


    Related to this issue, when projecting a waypoint, does Cachly use your current position or the cache coordinates? I see a selection a couple items up but I don't think that is related to projection. In addition to rragan's request for selection of magnetic vs true, I'd add a request to select "project from? current position or cache coordinates"
  9. Will waypoint projection be making an appearance in ver 3?
  10. You're right. Totally misread that one. Sorry.
  11. In looking at trackables, I noticed the description does not always show up. It seems to be find for any trackable I own. The first one I tried that I didn't own was the Airstream tag. It clearly has a description online but Description is greyed out in Cachly. I though it might be behaving oddly because it's a promotional tag. Then the same thing happened with the Apple Jack tag. I'm suspicious that it's an API because I get the same results in the official app. Thoughts? [Note: For others reading this I don't have any trackables in my possession right now. I am working on screenshots for handouts for some sessions I"m doing. I had the tracking numbers in an old list of trackables I saw at an event on my phone. The numbers are not obscured in the attached screen captures so they can be tested. Please be respectful. Probably wasted breath as I've yet to read a post in this forum that is not respectful, so thanks to Nic and all the participants for the pleasant environment.]
  12. Cool! Nice job. I think I have another one for you but it's trackable related so I'll start a new thread if I can't figure it out
  13. Screen capture of the error happening https://www.dropbox.com/s/ex122j9129wl7ll/Cachly Insert Keyword puts at end of text.mp4?dl=0
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