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  1. Paurian

    Ability to submit logs for friends on team

    Thanks for the quick reply. Love using Cachly! Thanks for creating such a fantastic app!
  2. Paurian

    Multiple logs for you and your friends

    I didn't realize others had similar requests. Know that Logging4Cache can do this, but it's interface is kludgy, so it takes some getting used to.
  3. A family that plays together stays together. When we are geocaching, I have to open Looking4Cache to log all their finds. It allows me to register all my family members, type in personal notes for each then submit them all at once. What's more interesting is that only my account is premium, and this allows them to get credit for being there to help me find it. I don't allow my younger kids to have an iPhone and the geocaching website is draconian when trying to log their finds if it's a premium cache. Can we get some feature like Looking4Cache logging in Cachly? Screenshot of user registration page: Partial Screenshot of multi-user log page: