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  1. MrGigabyte

    Display GPX Points on Cachly?

    Worked for me. Download and saved GPX to Dropbox. Import into new list.
  2. MrGigabyte

    Nubie Questions

    That is because you are either on the Map view or the list view. If you select a specific cache (from either the list or the map) you will see the options Bolling described. Also, if you are still only getting 3 caches, yo need to Reset your filters. Something is set incorrectly. Normally, if you want to see ALL caches, you do not want any filters set. Click Live, then tap the gear icon in the the search bar. Hit Reset in the upper left. Now you may want to turn on The Exclude my Finds, Hides and Ignored. Leave everything else untouched. Hit Done. Now hit the Refresh button and keep hitting it until you have as many caches as you want for that area. Remember, you need to have the Clear Map on Refresh setting turned off, otherwise every map refresh wil wipe out the previously loaded caches.
  3. MrGigabyte

    Nubie Questions

    As I previously indicated,:If you want to accumulate caches from each refresh, make sure More > Settings > Clear Map on Refresh is set to OFF. This will give you 50, 100, 150, 200, 250... etc.
  4. MrGigabyte

    Nubie Questions

    1) Click the Offline icon at the bottom of screen. Your GPX file should appear listed. Select it and they wil appear on a map. (Note: you can use live or offline maps) 3) If yo are meaning int the Live environment, You need to hit the Refresh button in the upper right corner of the screen (semi circle with an arrowhead). This will load 50 caches . Note: If you want to accumulate caches from each refresh, make sure More > Settings > Clear Map on Refresh is set to OFF. For the FAQ, there is built in Help under the More tab.
  5. MrGigabyte

    Logs Automatically Adds Coordinates

    I had this happen to me this weekend. 130 caches got logged with coords. 2 of them were the final for puzzles. That is how I found out as the CO contacted me. Add Coordinate to Log is turn OFF. I can reproduce this on every cache I log. 3.0.3 (10)
  6. MrGigabyte

    Offline List - gear icon flashing

    I can confirm this is still happening in 3.0.3 (4) Screen video capture... https://www.dropbox.com/s/xwdhxve53rzfo8b/cachly.mov?dl=0
  7. MrGigabyte

    Dropbox import

    Exact same problem. I sent a report to Nic. I also cannot load any Live caches as well. It returns caches based on date placed, so I am getting the 50 oldest caches in Canada.
  8. MrGigabyte

    Send more then one logfile

    This is a feature that is in version 3.0, which will be released in the wild June 29. Nic has posted a list of all the new features here. https://medium.com/@cachly/cachly-3-0-june-29th-9am-pacific-54629e059edb
  9. MrGigabyte

    Export as GPX - Why?

    Exporting a GPX completely eliminates the need for a Pocket Query or Caches along a Route, for quick trips I take out of town. Go to the map, (Make sure clear map on refresh is set to off) and pan where you want to start, zoom in on an area, refresh the map. Now, pan the map along the route, hit refresh, repeat until you reach the destination. Now save the caches to an Offline list and also Export GPX. Once I have the GPX file on my Mac, I just load it into my Garmin GPS. This way the caches in my GPS are and exact copy of what is in my Offline list in Cachly.
  10. MrGigabyte

    Deprecation of direct email contact

    Another useless, unnecessary and stupid change by those clowns in Seattle. I have 16 years worth of emails to and from cachers that I can search for without ever using any proprietary message center. If their programmers can't figure out how to "support another system" (email), then they have hired the wrong programmers.
  11. MrGigabyte

    Waypoints on map

    I vote for having the option to turn on or off all additional waypoints on the map. No cache selection required. This way I can see all the trailheads, parking, stages of multis, etc. regardless of what cache they are for.
  12. MrGigabyte

    Corrected coord icon + "GSAK notes"

    Do you have the corrected coordinates and cache notes saved on the cache page at geocaching.com? When you hit refresh, the app fetches data from the the site. That includes posted coords. So, unless you have corrected the coords on the site (as well as in GSAK) then the result you are seeing is the expected (albeit unwanted) result.
  13. MrGigabyte


    Under the Accessibility settings for your device, there are many options for altering the appearance of text in various apps (that support it), including bolding, enlarging, and darkening text. Perhaps those will fix your readability issue.
  14. MrGigabyte

    Belated favorite

    Doesn't this do what you want? Log this cache > Favorite Cache > On
  15. MrGigabyte

    Map to list focus

    Then you do not have your Geosphere settings configured properly. For 100% offline mode (GPS is off) you set the bookmark "Set My Location To" to Target. You then just double tap the cache icon in the map, then hit the Map tab and the list returned is sorted exactly as I described. There are other options as well to change the behaviour to work with search rather than target as well.
  16. MrGigabyte

    Map to list focus

    No, I mean "sort" based on distance from the center of the map (or whatever cache I have selected in the map). That way if I pan the map a great distance away and hit the List view, I will see exactly the same cache I see in the map, with the map closest to the center of the map at the top of the list. Now that is usefull as yo can se the names and basic info of all the visible caches all at once. No clicking required. This is how Geosphere works. It is so useful that you can even use it on a non-network connected device.
  17. MrGigabyte

    Map to list focus

    Well, then I have never figured out how to set the "sort order" to be by distance (from) based on whatever cache is selected in the map.
  18. MrGigabyte

    Map to list focus

    What if there is no filtering active? I still have not figured out what order the list of caches are displayed in, so I rarely use it because of that.
  19. MrGigabyte

    Map to list focus

    I always thought that the list should always replicate the map view based on cache selected (being viewed or alternatively, the centre of the map). That cache is always at the top of the list and all others are subsequently listed based on proximity to it , in increasing order.
  20. MrGigabyte

    DNF color in overview screen

    Assuming the Russians do not influence this vote, I cast mine as follows: I vote for the traditional/original colour scheme - Yellow smile, Blue frown, etc.
  21. MrGigabyte

    Online/Live map

    Yes I know about "Clear Map on Refresh" as I suggested that feature to you. That is not what we are describing. In Geosphere, the map boundaries are a filter. If I load caches in an area, Geosphere ONLY loads caches that fit that area. So, you can control how many caches you load by using the map zoom. In Cachly, you get 50 caches based on the center of the map including those that fall outside that current map view. This would result in (in my usual usage) hundreds of caches I do not want to load.
  22. MrGigabyte

    Online/Live map

    I too really miss the map boundary limit that I used all the time in live searches in Geosphere. That is item #4 that thebruce0 mentioned. I too used all the time for caches along a route. It was very quick to Search, pan the map, new search and preserve the previous caches. This way I knew I only retrieved the caches that I could see on the map. If there was a power trail coming up, I would just pan or zoom in to avoid it. Very quickly, you can plan an entire long trip and only have the caches loaded that you wanted. Then export the same caches a GPX file for the GPS and you are good to go. As well, I miss the Target option (#7 in thebruce0's list). I was so used to using it I took a while to get used to not having it. It was a huge time saver if you want to read about other caches without having to try to figure out which was the original one you were going to goto. I am glad to report though, that the rewiring of my brain is coming along nicely. :-)
  23. MrGigabyte


    I never go to the web site so probably have dozens of unread messages. That's fine by me. I prefer to old fashioned way... send an email so I have a copy of it. Also, I do not like the fact GS has a copy of the communication and you cannot delete it. If you want to discuss the pros and cons of this, please send me a message via the GC messenger. :-)
  24. MrGigabyte


    Can't say I know a single cacher that uses the messenger.
  25. MrGigabyte

    Error in Distance Sorting

    Nic, I think this is the same issue we discussed. It was based on the map refresh location I recall.