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  1. Nic Hubbard

    User Created Waypoints

    Yes it will. However I don't see a notation in the iCaching GPX files as to if a Waypoint is a user added waypoint, or a cache waypoint. Do you have insight on this?
  2. Nic Hubbard

    User Created Waypoints

    After testing I found that this was a bug in our importer. It is now fixed and will be in our 2.0 version.
  3. Nic Hubbard

    User Created Waypoints

    Got it. Will test and get back to you.
  4. Nic Hubbard

    Unable to download the Wherigo Cartridges.

    I will add a fix in Cachly to make sure to open all wherigo.com URLs in Safari. I think that should fix the issue for the time being.
  5. Nic Hubbard

    Unable to download the Wherigo Cartridges.

    Cachly doesn't actually work with Whereigo cartridges. As far as I know, the only app that supports them is the Whereigo app. We have this on our feature list, but I am not even sure if the Whereigo cartridge format is open source...
  6. Nic Hubbard

    User Created Waypoints

    Haven't seen the email yet. Just want to make sure I don't miss it...
  7. Nic Hubbard

    User Created Waypoints

    Could you use the Contact Support option in Cachly and send me the GPX file to look at? Thanks!
  8. Nic Hubbard

    Pictures missing in help?

    That is just a formatting issue that will get fixed. Thanks for pointing it out!
  9. Nic Hubbard

    Include solved coord caches outside view when loading caches

    Ah, got it. Then yes, in this case, there wouldn't be any way for Cachly to know that.
  10. Nic Hubbard

    Include solved coord caches outside view when loading caches

    It should still load those caches as the original coordinates are within the search area. And, if you have "Fit to map" turned on, the map should zoom out to include that cache location.
  11. Nic Hubbard

    Navigating while offline

    Very strange. This shouldn't happen. Thanks!
  12. Nic Hubbard

    Remember last 'Save images' setting

    This is something that I have on our feature list to put into the Settings menu. I think it makes more sense to put it there so that a user has control over it from that location, instead of not realizing it saved the default from the save image switch.
  13. Nic Hubbard

    Offline map questions

    That is because MapQuest used to provide free Satellite tiles which were integrated into Cachly. But they shut down this service this summer. So, this option just allows those users who still have the MapQuest Satellite tiles on their devices to still use them. Yes. All map tiles are rendered onto the standard MKMapView in iOS.
  14. Nic Hubbard

    Offline map questions

    Also, please keep in mind that in 2.0, with offline vector maps, almost all your issues above will be resolved.
  15. Nic Hubbard

    Offline map questions

    Yes, OSM. OSM are Standard Maps only. There are no satellite maps offered for offline use. Up to level 17. Although sometimes our tile provider doesn't have level 17 available, and will only build those tiles when requested. Which, does not help users. This is why we are moving to OSM offline vector maps in 2.0. In Settings you can clear the tile cache, but it will delete all tiles. Cachly does not do any tile caching other than what iOS naturally does, which we do not know the threshold of.
  16. Nic Hubbard

    Coordinate override has a name?

    Yes, the name/title is saved on geocaching.com because the Corrected Coordinate is just a Waypoint, similar to other waypoints that can have a name/title. Looks like Groundspeak just isn't displaying the name anywhere.
  17. Nic Hubbard

    Better integration of offline caches

    I see what you mean. However I am not sure this would be a good idea to implement as most of our users would expect the cache to be offline if they visit it through an offline list. But, if they visit it through the Caches tab, they would expect the cache to be live. Thoughts?
  18. Nic Hubbard

    Navigating while offline

    This happens because when navigating to the cache, the map is zoomed in too far and there are not tiles available for that zoom level. Zoom about a bit to load those tiles. In our 2.0 version this will no longer be an issue. This shouldn't happen, and I am not able to reproduce. Are you saying that Cachly opens back up to the same offline list as before and then shows the message? Or, after a while iOS has killed Cachly, and you have to reopen it (showing the startup splash screen) and then it shows the error?
  19. Nic Hubbard

    Corrected Coords Diamond for Found Caches

    You are correct about this. I will get this added to our feature list. Thanks!
  20. Nic Hubbard

    User Defined Keywords

    Cachly doesn't have the ability to save custom text as keywords, but in Settings you can add a Log Text Default which can include keywords. Is this what you were looking for?
  21. Nic Hubbard

    Posting all Pending logs?

    This feature hasn't been added yet, but will be part of our 2.0 update. Stay tuned!
  22. Nic Hubbard

    Cachly is what I've been looking for

    Glad you are liking it! Will answer any questions that you have and seriously consider all feature requests!
  23. Nic Hubbard

    Reduce tap area for username in log

    I agree. Will get this fixed. Thanks!
  24. Nic Hubbard

    Spelling error in help

    Great find. Thanks!
  25. Nic Hubbard

    Choose own navigation buttons at bottom of screen

    This is something that we have on our list to do, but not sure when will will get it added. Hopefully after our 2.0 version is released we will be able to work on this.