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One use I use this for is documenting information when working on a field puzzle or a mulit cache that has several stages that can not be completed in a single outing.  I record personal notes about previous stages or clues that have been discovered and store them as a personal cache note on GC.com for that cache.  This way when I get to back to completing this cache I have all the information stored on GC.com (so I don't loose it on some paper I misplaced) and I know the date and time the previous information was obtained.  Also if I get a call for help on a previous stage I can say "on this date this is what I found there".

I also use this to document when I solved a puzzle cache as sometimes I can't go out and find it right away.  I can look at the person note and know how long it has been since I solved to when I found it.

Currently I manually enter the date and time prior to writing the cache note and I think it would be cool if I could use the template feature to insert it for me just like how this feature works for writing a log note. 

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I can see some value in this as I also like to include the date when I add information to a cache note. However, I suspect that this could not be implemented in exactly the same way as the date keyword could be inserted into a log or template, as I think that pulls from the date set on the pending log entry. Since there is no long entry for a cache note, there's nowhere to pull the date from. That said, I would definitely support an option to quickly enter the current date in the cache note.

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