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Deprecation of direct email contact

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Upcoming changes to Profile and Dashboard. 

I don't mind the UI refresh but removing the ability to email a user and leaving only Message Center is going to be a problem. The plan for those who like email is that you initiate the conversation via message center and then switch to email since the initial message also goes to email. 

This sucks if you use any 3rd party apps like Cachly which provide direct email support by linking to the Send Email page. They will break and have no access to the Private Message API so you will be forced to geocaching.com's app for communication. 

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Another useless, unnecessary and stupid change by those clowns in Seattle. I have 16 years worth of emails to and from cachers that I can search for without ever using any proprietary message center. If their programmers can't figure out how to "support another system" (email), then they have hired the wrong programmers.

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