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Support URL scheme



A URL scheme provided a great integration point with other iOS apps  

Add URL Scheme support for Cachly

parameter consists of <name>=<value> 
Allow <value> to be enclosed in double quotes if the contents of <value> does not contain a double quote. If <value> contains any reserved URL characters such as ‘/?&=#%,$+!*()[];:@ ’ then those characters should be URL encoded.

Supported forms:

Start Cachly
No parameters
Example: cachly://

Set Target Waypoint and open to cache view
Examples: cachly://?target=GC12345

Set named location
Coordinates are in decimal

More features could be supported but this is a great start.



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A URL scheme is a way for other apps or just links in a mail to wake up another app and ask it to do something. So I could send you cachly://gccode=GC70 and you could click that and have Cachly open up to the oldest multicache in the world. 

Continuing with that line of thought, I have made a feature request to let Cachly users define their own "URL bookmarks" that would let Cachly integrate with other apps or web services. In Geosphere, I have a bookmark I defined that opens the cache location in Google Street View. Super useful. 

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