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Bookmark-like support



This is something I use heavily in Geosphere to extend capabilities. Bookmark-like support opens up many other integrations like Street View, watch cache, email/message owner, SMS cache link, open in Chrome, and others. Cachly has a few of these native but where users can define/share such integrations then feature work can be aimed at other things. 

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I'm not a Cachly developer but I'm not clear what you are asking.

Is it that you'd like to be able to customize new options that call URLs passing in values like the geocache id, latitude or longitude similar to how you can do in GSAK? As an example, if $cacheId, $cacheLon & $cacheLat were variables and you could add a new option similar to "View in geocaching.com" which allowed  "http://www.somedomain.com/someurl?x=$cacheLon&y=$cacheLat" as your custom action?

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I don't have too much of a need to create my own custom URLs as most of the functionality I am looking for is already in the app (ie, Navigate with TomTom - although I would still like to see the change to have it Navigate rather than just show the location).  But I have seen a number of examples on the interwebs (as also indicated by @rragan) where this can be useful for some users to call the openURL: iOS feature with an appropriate string/ command to launch a 3rd party app or Apple URL.  Alternately, if Cachly added some of the more common tasks in to the app itself, the need for the custom commands would likely diminish and would only be needed by a very small minority of users with some unique URL requirements.

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Asked to add this post as a comment:


i have used L4C now for a longer time, now I want to have a more detailed look at Cachly.
The first impression is really good. Some things are besser, some other not.

What do you think about custom link functionality.
L4C uses a template syntax. For example https://coords.info/[GCCODE]

With this feature it would be possible to start new messages in Instant messengers like:

  • WhatsApp: whatsapp://send?text=message
  • Threema: threema://compose?text=Hello
  • Telegram: tg://msg?text=Mi_mensaje&to=+1555999

After clicking the custom link, the messenger app will open to select the recipient.
That would makes it much easlier to chat with people about a cache to get help.
The link to the cache, title and code can be easily added to the message text without any copy paste waste anymore.

Kind regards,

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