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I think there is a question of audience that affects organization. New geocaching users likely want a hand holding tutorial. Folks coming from other apps or outgrowing geocaching.com want to know how you do X in Cachly. Finally, there is the reference document that covers everything about the app you might want to lookup. 

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I was hoping the first not yet written section would handle the new user and getting them to find the first cache. That becomes a tutorial section. For example, nothing about Offline lists is germane to a brand new user. All settings would be defaulted so likely can skip over that. Logs can't be ignored but can be handled as part of the tutorial material.

That frees the rest of the document to be more of a reference and tips document.

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3 hours ago, barefootguru said:

I suggest each How To be a seperate page:  the combined one is going to get unwieldy, plus easier to link from e.g. main page.

I see a landing page with a one liner for each How To linking to either a separate page each or a section in a single page. The landing page would be linked off the main page. 

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11 hours ago, rragan said:

I put together a simple "Table of Contents" for a modified possible structure for the document. It reflects the top few heading levels. Most of the pages currently stay the same but some material is moved around. Is this better, worse, .... Suggestions and feedback.


Looks good to me. Appreciate all your wok on this!

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2 minutes ago, rragan said:

OK. I will likely write the Getting Started with Cachly first and then do the reordering to the new TOC format. No need to stop editing or creating material in the meantime. 

I think we can start populating the Structure Page with links we already have. That way you can copy it across to the main page in due course

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