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Standard Terminology

  • US English  ie  standardization not standardisation
  • Switch - not slider or toggle
  • Image - not Picture or photo
  • Name of cache or trackable - not title
  • Tap not click
  • Select not press
  • A switch is on or off, not enabled or disabled.
  • Screen, not page 
  • Back arrow
  • Press Hard rather than 3D Touch


This top post will be edited as items are added.

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3 hours ago, rragan said:

I fixed all instances of toggle to switchand Title to Name. I assume Trackables have names and not titles. There were only uses of Images so nothing to fix. I left Favourite for Chris to handle.

Hey. We speak UK English in South Africa. :-)

My spell check will not pick up the non  US spelling so forgive me if I miss a few. 

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